Solar energy in Algeria :Construction of New Solar farm

Constitution of the farmThe Ghardaïa(Algeria) solar farm presents an experimental platform for the development of renewable energies in southern Algeria.The proposed solar farm essentially contains five types of renewable energy. A thermodynamic solar tower with heliostats for the production of steam and electricity. A mini thermodynamic power plant with parabolic cylindrical concentrators and Fresnel mirrors….

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How To install a Solar Pump with 8 Steps

In many villages and oases far from cities, the public electricity network connection service may not be available in addition To the possible absence of running water sources such as rivers, lakes, etc. To meet the needs of those residentsThe areas of water, whether used for irrigation, agriculture, drinking, and other uses, depending mainlyOn groundwater…



We often discuss renewable energy and switching to solar power to help preserve our environment, but going eco-friendly life doesn’t have to be that time-consuming and costly, there are little steps that anyone can take to help right now without becoming a famous personality, But your dedication and full determination can convert impossible into possible….