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Renewable energy and non-renewable energy what are the differences?

In today’s article, we’ll talk about the difference between renewable energy and non-renewable energy. The announced fight against global warming due to greenhouse gas (CO2) emissions and energy, is becoming one of the major challenges of our modern society. To meet this challenge, the ecological and energy transition must enable the transformation of our practices…

Solar energy

The effect of the Temperature on the Battery capacity

On the occasion of winter, let’s talk briefly about an important parameter in solar energy batteries:Which are the temperature and its effect on the battery capacity. As the temperature is lower than 25 degrees, the battery capacity decreases, and vice versa.For example, as shown in the diagram, at 25 degrees, the battery capacity and the…


Bacteria as a future source of renewable energy?

Introduction Today, there is no industrial life nor normal life without energy, the use of energy is therefore one of the clearest indicators of the degree of development of a country. The most industrialized nations that are the largest consumers of electricity continue to rely on energy as a driver of growth and economic development….