3 Tips to do in a wildfire?

wildfire prevention
3 tips to do in wildfire

Today, the world is experiencing many fires in many areas, causing significant material and human losses. Like California, Turkey, Greece and Italy, there were fires.Algeria still means the wildfires that have raged in many states.Wildfires wreak havoc on everything they come across. The most devastating California wildfire in history killed 85 people and was the world’s costliest single natural disaster that year, with losses totaling more than $16 billion. While wildfires are tough to put out, there are numerous things individuals can do to minimize the harm they cause before, during, and after they occur.

In short , this is all what to do in a wildfire

1.Before the wildfire :

  • If you know a wildfire is on your way, the best thing you can do is flee. Immediately.
  • If you live in a fire-prone area, it’s a good idea to prepare ahead of time for what to do if a fire breaks out. Prepare an evacuation plan and a “go bag” with emergency supplies ready to go during fire season.
  • Keep brush, weeds, and other potential fuels trimmed down on your property, especially around your house.
  • To prevent a fire, close all doors and windows and fill sinks, tubs, and other containers with water.
  • Turn off the natural gas, propane, or fuel oil.
  • According to the California Chaparral Institute, when buying a property in a wildfire-prone area, stay away from neighborhoods with steep or barren hillsides. Although some people believe that residences near shrubs are more likely to burn, the institute claims that this is not always the case. A landscape devoid of vegetation, on the other hand, can provide the ideal runway for winds to carry embers, which are one of the most dangerous dangers to homes during a wildfire.

2.During the wildfire :

  • If you still have the option to depart, do so.
  • Keep an ear out for any emergency announcements.
  • Stay indoors if you can’t leave. Find the safest structure or room with the least amount of smoke. For the best air, crouch low. Breathe through a damp towel if you don’t have a mask.
  • If you’re caught outside, try to crouch in a body of water. If you can’t, pick a depression with the least amount of vegetation and hide, preferably with damp blankets, clothes, or soil.

3.After the wildfire :

  • Before drinking water from the area, pay attention to the authorities.
  • Items that are hot, smoky, or burned should be avoided.
  • Don’t phone your friends and family; instead, text them. It’s possible that lines will be long.
  • Wear a dust mask and keep a record of any property damage.
  • Because trees and protecting plants may have been destroyed, exposing loose soil, there is a risk of flooding.

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