8 Interesting facts about thunderstorms (why Arizona ?)

thunderstorms in arizona

Phoenix Arizona is famous for its abundance of thunderstorms and very strong lightning waves. In this article, we will discuss some information about how thunderstorms occur? their types, how they formed, in addition to their damage, and how to predict them. In the end, I will talk about Phoenix Arizona, and why it is exposed to these storms from among other states.

1.How thunder is formed ?

Lightning heats ambient air in part to temperatures as high as 30.000 ° C, which are five times hotter than the surface of the Sun, expanding hot air significantly, creating a shock wave; The ambient air is compressed very quickly, and the air quickly drops as it cools, creating an initial popping sound, followed by a continuous sound as the air column continues to vibrate, and it appears before thunder is heard, because light travels much faster than sound waves, taking about 5 seconds to cut the sound 1.6 km.

2.How thunderstorms is formed ?

Thunderstorms occur when the atmosphere is unstable, where warm air (with low humidity ) is present under cooler air when warm air rises cool and condense forming small droplets of water, and if the air is unstable enough, the speed of warm air is slower, and water vapor creates a slug cloud.

These cumulative clouds are often formed in less than an hour, and water droplets gather to make larger droplets. The ice crystal problem freezes as the warm air continues to rise, and the water on the surface of the droplet freezes as a result of the flow of air in the clouds, making the droplets too heavy for the air to carry, falling hail.

Hail picks up negative charges as it moves inside the cloud, rubbing them with positive small ice crystals, forming a negative charge at the base of the cloud where the cold is gathering, while lighter ice crystals remain near the top of the cloud creating a positive charge, and the negative charge is attracted to the surface of the Earth and other clouds and when the gravitational force becomes very strong, and the gravitational force accumulates.

3.How many Type of thunderstorms ?

There are several types of thunderstorms, and they are as follows:

  1. Single-cell: They are small storms that last from 30 to 60 minutes, and appear on summer days at noon most of the time or in evening .
  2. Multiple cell: It is a regular storm that travels several miles and lasts for hours, and might form hurricanes, floods, strong winds and hail.
  3. Medium-range convective systems: A group of thunderstorms that appear as a single storm, spread across large areas and continue for more than 12 hours.

4.Where does the sound of thunder come from?

The sound of thunder comes from the path of lightning caused by rapid heating. Lightning can heat the air up to five times the temperature of the sun.

 With regard to rolling thunder, it is caused by the time difference between far and near sounds or when mountains, or layers of air, or any obstacle stand before the sound of thunder, and the distance traveled by lightning can be determined by counting the seconds between lightning and thunder; Sound travels one mile (1.6 kilometers) in five seconds, and in most cases, lightning is seen without thunder being heard; The reason for this is that the sound of thunder is not heard if it occurs at a distance of 15 to 25 km.[1]

5.Signs before  thunderstorms

Without a doubt, there may be some warning signs that you should pay attention to in order to be able to obtain sufficient information about an intense thunderstorm and be prepared at any time. These signs including:

  • The presence of cumulus clouds characterized as large and swollen.
  • Seeing the sky turns dark and full of clouds.
  • Sudden changes in wind direction.
  • A sudden drop in temperature and atmospheric pressure.

So you need to prepare yourself well to deal with this type of storm, as it has wind speeds of 58 miles per hour and can destroy everything with ease. [4]

6.Benefits  and damages of thunderstorms


  1. Thunderstorms can bring winds, heavy rain, and storms.
  2. Decontamination from the air, as a result of the warming of the atmosphere.
  3. Thunderstorms provide water for plants, lakes, but only if the air is warm and humid and the atmosphere is unstable.
  4. Unlike, monsoon help distribute seeds and pollen, and poison the soil.
  5. When lightning occurs, energy is released, as thunder is the result of the rapid spread of air from the lightning strike that moved into the atmosphere.
  6. They may be a great boon for both human organisms, as they come, washing up a lot of the pollutants in the atmosphere.
  7. Without them, many countries might be dry without crops or any surviving animals.
  8. It helps to fertilize the soil, turning soil gases into useful compounds that look like fertilizers but are natural.


Thunderstorms are dangerous storms, as they lead to heavy rainfall, hurricanes, and storms that can damage a lot of things like crops and break down homes, trees, cars, and windows, like what’s happening today in some European countries and the United States ( phoenix az, Tucson, other cities ).

Heavy rainfall They  Suddenly can be suddenly a real disaster, as they are a reason for of lots deaths case, as well as lightning from these storms, they can cause thousands of forest fires every year, and they can kill people in hundreds.

Extremely severe flooding makes water levels rise in an alarming and dangerous way, and they can move rocks out of place and dust and destroy large bridges and large buildings.

8.How do you keep yourself safe in the storm?

Weather hazards and safety risks

It is necessary to move away from the water, as there is a danger that it may touch electricity.
• Plus, you shouldn’t stand on top of any ridge or hill, and it shouldn’t be the tallest object, since if the lightning comes near, it’s gonna be too dangerous for you.
• Try to make yourself any shelter either in a house or in a car or even in a low, but you should get away from any trees, or anything that can fall into the house on your head( that s for all residents ).
• One another thing is you have to see if you don’t use any electronics like a phone or any electrical appliances and don’t take shower either.
• In the event of a flash flood, it would be good to stay as far away from the low-lying areas as possible and stop driving where flooding could push it off track (besides a river for example ).

What is monsoon season like in Phoenix arizona ?

According to the National Weather Service, Arizona’s monsoon season extends from June to September, officially from June 15 to September 30.
The NWS reports that “monsoonal moisture often does not reach the region until the first week of July” in northern Arizona.
“Many various elements have a role in determining when it starts each year in the spring and early summer. During the monsoon season, much of the region receives 40 to 50 percent of its annual precipitation “It expands.

Read more: Arizona Monsoon Season 2021 Weather Hazards and Safety Risks to Watch Out For

9 . Why is there so much thunder in Phoenix  Arizona?

thundersorms  in arizona

Full article in pdf form; Shocking facts click to download

10.Is there any relation between pollution, climate change and a possible increase in thunderstorms?

Every year, around 25 million lightning strikes touch the earth. In terms of the frequency of lightning strikes, several research findings suggest that cloud electrification is linked to heat and a rise in temperature. In fact, it is well known that thunderstorms are more common in the summer (the season of June and July ). [3]

This logic would lead us to believe that if global temperatures degrees rise as a result of climate change, lightning incidents rise as well.


Related post:?

The answer is yes, A study conducted by the University of California revealed that lightning strikes in the Arctic may increase by nearly 100% over northern lands by the end of this century, as changes and climate warming continues, and the National Weather Service in Alaska discovered, two years ago, the first known lightning strikes from a distance 300 miles from the North Pole.

“We projected how lightning in high-latitude boreal forests and Arctic tundra regions will change across North America and Eurasia,” said Yang Chen, a research scientist in the UCI Department of Earth System Science who led the new work. “The size of the lightning response surprised us because expected changes at mid-latitudes are much smaller.” [4]

All that is happening today on this planet, natural disasters, is the influence and indifference of humans. Everything that happens in the climate is caused by the devastation that humans cause to nature, and what is happening today in Florida and Arizona And what happened before in the Arctic is nature’s reaction. Therefore, we must blame ourselves first of all, because we are the ones who caused harm to nature and did not fulfill our duty to protect it, and therefore we must strive to preserve the environment by reducing the emission of greenhouse gases and moving to renewable energy sources.

Thank you for your time I hope you enjoyed reading, all that I collected from the news. If you have anything we would like you to write to us in the comment box.

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