Daily Power. A blog post created in 19 Octobre 2019 for an educational purpose, we try to post about everything related to renewable energy, advanced technologies, environment, and pollution.

Tayeb Assel

A student of renewable energy science holds a master’s degree from the University of Algeria , University of  Science and Technology.

My Passion

Every person in this world has a passion and pursues a specific thing, and I also discovered what I want and what I love myself.
My passion for renewable energy started when I discovered my passion when I started studying at university and chose the field to study. One of the important things that contributed to the increase in my passion for renewable energy and environmental issues is the ability to work on the Internet by writing articles about what I learned, and I always think in this area.
I don’t know if you also have the same way of dealing with things or not because I, in fact, did not have any tendencies at all in the field of technology and energy, but with the passage of time I liked that and I could achieve good goals in the future

My Goals

This blog post  was created specifically for the following goals which are in reality :

  1. Spreading a culture of clean energy.
  2. Educating the reader on the importance of preserving the environment, the problems caused by climate change 
  3. Provide some points and ideas on why we should protect our world, why we should protect wildlife, how to protect the environment.
  4. How do we all contribute to protecting the environment by going to renewable energy and preserving the environment?
  5. Get some money ; i spent lots of time doing this work and the only way i can generate some money with is by this blog .
Hope you all doing well thank you so much