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The Biggest Solar Energy Projects in Africa

Noor solar complex (CSP) 580 MW

do you know that the biggest CSP solar park in Africa and in the world is in Morocco? in the municipality of Ouarzazate in the Agadir district, Noor solar complex

Noor 1

the first phase of the three-part project (Noor 2, Noor 3) provides 160 MW of the total 580 MW capacity On a surface of Three football stadiums, 7,500 mirrors lined arose to capture the rays and directed to the Tower.
The country is investing $9 billion in the facility, which provides electricity for 2 million people. this Arabic country aims to generate its power from renewable energy in the future.

2. De-Aar Project- 175 MW

The Project Developed by Solar Capital.
De Aar one 85.26 MW
In South Africa, sitting on a Farm of 2674 hectares and it was finished 2014.

De-Aar three 89.74 MW
The project completed in 2016 on a surface of 191 hectares.

3. Benban Solar Project – 165.5 MW

located in the Aswan Province in Benban, Egypt. The solar park is med up of three solar power plants with an individual installed capacity of 67.5 MW, 70 MW, and 28 MW, respectively.
The Benban PV developed in 2018 by CHINT SOLAR, the project generates enough electricity to power 80,000 homes while offsetting approximately 156,000 of CO2 a year.
The 165.5 MW project was constructed by CHINT Solar by August 2018.

4. South Africa 

Solar Projects

  1. Kazu Solar One – 100MW
  2. Xina Solar One- 100 MW
  3. The Ilanga-1 (CSP ) -100 MW
  4. The Kathu Solar Park (CSP) -100 MW
  5. Jasper Solar Project -96 MW
  6. The Mulilo-Sonnedix-Prieska -86MW
  7. The Kalkbult Solar PV plant -75 MW