Abd Allah

Hi My name is Abd Allah i am web content creator and renewable energy phd engineer. I started blogging since 2 years what make me create this blog is the importance of sharing information with readers who love this field, I think i m not the first one who is familiar with this field but every person has his touch.i love nature and i think renewable energy will take over the responsibility of preserving this beautiful world.

Popular Simulators for solar systems

Best Solar Simulation and Design Softwares Simulation modeling has become an important part of our world and is often used to forecast different energy situations and to determine the cost-effectiveness of a particular solution. Simulation is also widely used to optimize new technologies and to investigate their behavior in different contexts and configurations. Open-source solar design …

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CSP Technologies

The Temperature surface of the sun is 5770 Kelvin and as a result of atmospheric absorption (especially in the ultraviolet), 2/3 of its radiated energy arrives at ground level under the conditions good sunshine. The sun gives in a sunny region of the order of 1 KW / m2 of power (Wc), and he has been noticed that the earth receives …

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