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How To install a Solar Pump with 8 Steps

In many villages and oases far from cities, the public electricity network connection service may not be available in addition To the possible absence of running water sources such as rivers, lakes, etc. To meet the needs of those residentsThe areas of water, whether used for irrigation, agriculture, drinking, and other uses, depending mainlyOn groundwater…



We often discuss renewable energy and switching to solar power to help preserve our environment, but going eco-friendly life doesn’t have to be that time-consuming and costly, there are little steps that anyone can take to help right now without becoming a famous personality, But your dedication and full determination can convert impossible into possible….

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#1.What it is groundwater ? Groundwater is all water that falls below the surface of the earth, in line with the designation corresponding to that located on the surface Ground water, called surface water, is found in the pores of sedimentary rocks that were formed during Different times and eras, be very recent or very…

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Qblade hawt Tutorial

The impacts of the distribution of the airfoils of the blade on the performance of modern horizontal-axis wind turbines This study targets the impact of the distribution of airfoils on the structural mechanics and aerodynamic performance of a rotor of a benchmark wind turbine at using the QBlade software, using global modeling with the BEM…

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Big solar energy projects in 2020

Solar energy is one of the most important sources from which electricity is produced today. Therefore, every day, small and large solar energy projects for solar energy are established in various parts of the world, and this is due to the energy transformation and people’s interest in this clean source of energy sources.In this article,…

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2 Types of Electric Vehicles

Just as a variety of technologies are available in conventional vehicles, electric vehicles have different capabilities that can accommodate different drivers’ needs. A major advantage of EVs is that drivers can hook them up to charge from an external electrical power source. This distinguishes it from hybrid electric cars, which are integrated with the internal…