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Best Eco friendly Gift Ideas

How many times have you bought  eco friendly gifts for people you know ? , only to see it buried in the back of their closet? It’s too common these days—most people just don’t care about the impact that their purchases are having on the environment, even when they say they do. But whether you’re shopping for yourself or someone else, it can be difficult to buy items that aren’t going to end up on a shelf or in the trash can. But there are plenty of eco friendly gifts out there that are actually things people will want!

Good Gift, Bad Gift

No matter what you’re shopping for, there’s a gift out there that is both thoughtful and eco-friendly. With so many options on Amazon and other online retailers, buying gifts that are good for our planet—without being bad for your wallet—is easier than ever. So go ahead, shop with a conscience. After all, it’s about time we shift our focus to something bigger than ourselves. Here are 10 of our favorite eco-friendly gifts (in no particular order) that can make any holiday shine brighter!

There’s something for everyone on this list.

If you’re looking for eco-friendly gifts for kids, we’ve got it. If you need suggestions for stocking stuffers, we’ve got those too. And if you want to get your friends or family a gift they’ll actually want and use, then these are all great ideas. Let’s get to shopping! (And, no, # 10 is not socks.) Use one of these eco friendly gift ideas for Christmas presents: • A set of cute reusable water bottles that come in four different colors (plastic bottles are everywhere; even though many are recyclable, most end up in landfills). • Great eco-friendly clothing: ethically made using organic cotton and other natural materials by brands like PACT. • The Little Book of Sh*tty Vegan Advice: a funny book full of sh*tty advice from vegans who have been there—a perfect book for vegans and nonvegans alike!

10 Eco-Friendly Gifts (sustainable) That Your Friends Will Actually Want

Gift #1 – A Custom Framed Print

If you’re really into their work, why not give them a custom framed print of it? There are lots of great ways to make a custom print–think about using an online printing service and uploading your favorite photo or artwork and having it professionally printed. Frame it, hang it on their wall, they’ll love you for it! Here are some fun examples)

Cell Phone Case with Charger

Gift #2 – Cell Phone Case with Charger

Many times, people have their cell phones glued to their hands. Why not get them a case that also charges their phone? This is perfect for those who do not like being caught off guard when their cell phone runs out of juice. Just make sure you get one that is compatible with your friend’s device. For example, if they have an iPhone, make sure it charges with a micro USB cord and not a lightning cable. Once you find one that fits, it will be much easier to move from one place to another knowing you can charge your mobile device if need be. If nothing else, simply gift them with an extra charging cable so they can keep one at home and one at work!

Cell Phone Case with Charger

Gift #4 – Cozy Socks

You may think that your friends don’t really need new socks, but that’s where you’re wrong. Socks can be a great eco friendly gift, because they’re one of those things we always need more of, and many people wear out their socks long before they stop looking cute (and feeling comfortable). A pair of cozy, warm socks will make a great stocking stuffer. They’ll also come in handy when you next want to give your friends a foot rub!

Gift #5 – Plantable Moleskin Notebook (or Journal)

For all you writers out there, what better way to go green than with a notebook that doubles as garden mulch? Stick one of these in your favorite writer’s stocking and then add it to his or her Christmas tree come January. Write in it, compost it—you never know what will grow. (Bonus: It comes with a pen.) Plantable Bookmarks Plus – Eco Friendly Gift (100 pack) – Plantable Bookmarks – Seed Paper Bookmarker – Unique Gift for Her – 8 Leaves per Packet – Compostable Memo Pad – 100 per Package Green Green Grass Of Home Journal – Handcrafted Cover From Recycled Materials; 65gsm Inside Paper Made From Plant-Based Sustainable Fibers With 50% Post-Consumer Waste; Padded Softcover Journals Come with Blank Lined Notebook, Pen Loop And Notepad. Seedpaper® Notebooks Are Reusable And Can Be Planted Or Composted When Empty! Our Mission Is To Raise Environmental Awareness Through Products People Love.

Gift #7 – Makeup Bag & Brush Cleaner Kit

A makeup bag and brush cleaner are a great gift for any lady in your life. It’s a fun way to support healthy habits. She can carry all her essentials with her on the go, but she won’t have to worry about losing or breaking them because they’re contained within a practical case. The makeup bag has handy compartments and pockets so that everything is kept organized, making it easy to find what you need when you need it.

Gift #6 – Travel Blanket with Extra Pockets

These travel blankets are durable, lightweight and compact. They fold up into a storage pouch that’s roughly two inches thick and small enough to fit in your pocket or purse. They can be used as a blanket on an airplane, car ride, or as a picnic blanket. It comes with three pockets – one at each end and one in the middle of your body. These pouches allow you to keep things like your phone, keys, sunglasses and passport close by without worrying about losing them. These blankets can also be printed with company logos for promotional purposes if desired.

Gift #8 – The Apple Pencil USB Cable & Adapter Bundle (with a Pencil!)

It may seem obvious, but of course, Apple’s new pencil requires a USB cable to charge and sync with your iPad. Unfortunately, you won’t find one inbox, unless it’s been set up already (which means you know someone who already has one). So if you want to give an Apple Pencil gift pack as a gift, get them a USB cable.

Gift #9 Plantable Colored Pencils

These pencils are more than just a cute gift, they’re also a lesson in sustainability. So when your friends and family run out of their colored pencils, these ones grow flowers! In fact, biodegradable plants can be grown inside every one of these pencils. They are all made using recycled materials and are 100% recyclable. This is an ideal gift for people who love to garden and won’t have to feel guilty about throwing them away when they run out of lead or need to replace them with a fresh set. It’s better for their wallet too since they will only ever have to buy colored pencils once instead of replacing them every year or so.

gift #10 Atlas Cork Hanging Planter

Who wouldn’t want a cork-hanging planter? Not only is it perfectly suited for succulents, it also looks great with plants like philodendrons and ferns. Plus, you can store stuff inside of it when you aren’t using it. These come in multiple sizes and colors, but they all look great!

Gift #11 Biggie Travel Mug

Gone are those days when we had to wait for our coffee to cool down before we could drink it. Now, with a plastic travel mug like Biggie, you can take your hot coffee anywhere you want. The unique folding handle on Biggie makes it compact and easy to carry around. You won’t have to worry about spilling your coffee ever again! ($27)

gift #12 Wavy Lamp

No cords, so you don’t have to worry about tripping over them. The Sun-powered lamp doesn’t require any batteries or electricity. Just hold it in sunlight and then turn it on and off. It really works! Perfect if you hate recharging batteries. Unique gift idea for teens and adults alike. The lamp looks like a line drawing of a wave with an orange-colored center, which lights up at night when placed in darkness.

Gift #13 Silicone Straws

A big problem with many of our favorite drinking products is that they often end up in landfills for decades. If you’re interested in finding eco-friendly ways to replace common household items, look no further than silicone straws. These bendable tubes are a simple and more sustainable way to drink your water or smoothie because they can be reused again and again without ever having to worry about tossing them out. They’re also dishwasher safe! (via Amazon)

Awesome and Totally Thoughtful Gifts Your Mom Will Love

Terrarium Candle gifts

A terrarium candle is a fun and easy way to bring some green living into your space. Whether you’re decorating a tiny studio apartment or a three-bedroom house, these tea light candles by Homebody will help you create an indoor garden wherever you are.

Microwaveable Booties  gifts

You can buy many eco-friendly products that are microwavable, like these cozy slippers. They’re made of bamboo rayon and feel as soft as your favorite blanket. Just heat them in a microwave for one minute, slip your feet inside, and bask in their fuzzy warmth. They’re also great when you want to take a quick warm-up before bed without keeping the entire house warm all night long. (Price: $12)

Bamboo Bathtub Caddy Tray  gifts

If you have a bathtub, but no caddy, then a bamboo bathtub caddy tray is just what you need. Most bathrooms are small enough to use up all of your space with toiletries and amenities, but when it comes to a bathtub, that simply isn’t possible. This Bamboo Bathtub Caddy Tray allows you to hold items in your tub while keeping everything organized.

Leather Touchscreen Gloves  gifts

These gloves are stylish and comfy, but they’re also good for the environment. We love them because you can use your touchscreen devices without taking them off. Grab a pair for everyone on your gift list!

Large Card Wallet  gifts

A wallet made from recycled grocery bags is a must-have for any environmentally conscious individual. You can buy one from Bag It Forward, an eco-friendly company that gives its bags a second life. The Large Card Wallet is a simple accessory you’ll use every day; it features four card slots, an ID window and room for bills or receipts. ($18)

Amazing Host or Hostess Gifts That Work for Any Occasion 

Personalized Compact Swivel Cheese Board  gifts

These cute little cheese plates are great for sharing a snack or for an afternoon tea party. The compact size makes them easy to carry in your purse and display when you get there. They can even be personalized with a name, monogram, or special message. These affordable gifts are sure to please both her and nature!

Marlo Thomas Rectangular Cheese Tray  gifts

This eco-friendly wooden cheese tray is a great addition to any kitchen. It’s made from sustainable rubberwood, which is harvested in a way that maximizes regrowth. Just one of these trays can replace up to nine plastic cutting boards and Styrofoam trays used by restaurants and foodservice facilities, reducing landfill waste by as much as 80 percent. Plus, each tray looks as stylish on your countertop as it does in your mouth!

Beaded Water Carafe – Green  gifts

This beautifully crafted carafe is handmade from recycled glass. The solid glass base is hand-blown by a skilled artisan, then attached to a gorgeous beaded collar. Hand washes only to ensure that it lasts for years and years. I personally love drinking filtered water out of a carafe like… This beautifully crafted carafe is handmade from recycled glass. The solid glass base is hand-blown by a skilled artisan, then attached to a gorgeous beaded collar. Hand washes only to ensure that it lasts for years and years.

Bread Warming Blanket  gifts

Use less energy by using a warming blanket to keep your bread soft and fresh longer. This eco-friendly gift idea can save you up to $30 per year in energy costs, but also make sure you’re baking with fresh ingredients as often as possible.

Moroccan Ceramic Large Serving Bowl  gifts

Available in three different sizes, these handmade Moroccan serving bowls are stunning and can be used to serve almost anything. They also make great decorative pieces or a welcome gift to give someone who loves their interior design. They are made from quality earthenware and fired with lead-free glazes that don’t chip, peel or crack – meaning you can buy them for yourself or as a gift for someone special, safe in the knowledge that they will be around for years to come.

Fiddle Leaf Fig  gifts

If you’re looking for an eco-friendly plant that does well indoors, it’s hard to beat a fiddle leaf fig tree. These types of trees will not only fit into any space, but they require very little maintenance and have small enough leaves that they can thrive indoors. Best of all, a fiddle leaf fig is a great conversation starter. People will be surprised when you tell them how little you need to care for it!

Gold Wick Trimmer  gifts

Keep your favorite candles burning longer with a Gold Wick Trimmer. The Gold Wick Trimmer uses a long-lasting stainless steel blade to cut candle wicks to your desired length. A safety guard keeps you safe and it’s easy to use, just place your candle on a level surface, insert the wick in the cutter’s base, gently press down while slowly pulling up on handles, and voila! You have trimmed your candle’s wick.


It is no surprise that finding eco-friendly gifts can be a challenge. With so many people thinking and acting in environmentally friendly ways, it makes sense that others want to support their friends by gifting them gifts they will actually use, rather than causing an excess of waste. We hope you’ve found these gift ideas helpful; if you have any other suggestions for great eco-friendly presents, please feel free to share them in our comments section below

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