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Biomass potential

Biomass includes wood and various agricultural alcohols.

It’s not renewable energy only if you replant it as much as we consume; in this case, the CO2 released is then reattached. In addition, the wood is obviously easy to store.

Unfortunately, it should be noted that this process uses the solar energy necessary for photosynthesis. Or, what yield is less than 0.5%; even cultures sugar manufacturers only provide 0.6 W / m2. It was necessary to devote to the cultivation of biofuels an area about 20 to 100 times larger than the area currently devoted to
Development such a sector would not be without risk of decommitments significant amounts of methane, a much more greenhouse gas formidable than CO2, or massive use of fertilizer, a potential risk to water quality, another problem.

food to meet the energy needs of the planet. Biomass will never be any complement Energy. In addition the energy cost of bio-fuels
is not negligible: for example, 1l of petroleum to produce 2l of rapeseed ester.

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