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Cleaning Solar Modules

Cleaning solar panels

solar modules

Solar panels are usually self-cleaning, but in especially dry areas or where panel tilting is minimal, dust and other substances such as bird droppings may build up over time and affect the amount of power produced by a panel

A Major challenge for Arab Countries

Cleaning solar panels will be a major challenge for solar projects in Arab countries due to dust and sandstorms. Globally, the size of the solar panels cleaning market will reach about one billion dollars during the next five years, and this will create great opportunities for small companies in the Arab countries, especially if there are solutions specific to the region and its climatic nature, which is the lack of water and the strength of wind loaded with dust.


Caution important when cleaning the solar panels

*Use cleaning tools accompanied by water during the day It is considered a great danger to the panels. In the future and maybe destroyed Some of them change color and shape 

  1. Using a towel drenched in water will suddenly dampen the plate temperature due to evaporation from the water.
  2. Therefore it is preferable to use a mop without water … or clean the plate at night.
  3.  clean your module from the ground if it is possible for many reasons 
  4. Time to clean the solar panels optimally

*Are there any ideas for you in this context?
* If you have an idea and think it deserves to be registered as a patent put it here. 

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