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CSP Technologies

The Temperature surface of the sun is 5770 Kelvin and as a result of atmospheric absorption (especially in the ultraviolet), 2/3 of its radiated energy arrives at ground level under the conditions good sunshine.
The sun gives in a sunny region of the order of 1 KW / m2 of power (Wc), and he has been noticed that the earth receives in a year of the order of 14000 times the consumption energy of humanity (400.1018 Joules) in the form of solar radiation.


Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) technologies use mirrors to concentrate the sun’s light energy and convert it into heat to create steam to drive a turbine that generates electrical power.

1-Parabolic Trough collector 

These are essentially parabolic mirrors that concentrate solar radiation on a tube(collector) that carries the caloric fluid. With mineral oil, the temperature reached is 663 kelvin. Installations are very extensive because they must minimize the effects of shadow.

2-Solar Power Tower 

Several hundred mirrors are positioned around a tower.
These mirrors are called “heliostats” are Located on the ground are adjustable. The sun’s rays are thus permanently reflected towards a single point at the top of the tower. Solar radiation is directly focused on an absorber that transforms radiation into heat at high temperatures. 

Generally, a heat transfer fluid (molten salts) circulates at the top of the tower. Heated by the rays, this one transfers its energy to a circuit of water. The steam then produced drives a turbine that produces electricity.

3-Linear Fresnel Reflectors 

Similar to a parabolic trough CSP system, a Linear concentrating collector field consists of a large number of collectors in parallel rows. These are typically aligned in a north-south orientation to maximize annual and summer energy collection. The mirrors are laid flat on the ground and reflect the solar radiation to the pipe above. Like trough and tower, Fresnel can also incorporate storage in a power block, or generate steam for direct use.

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