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A Big project will start in Algeria 

The Purpose behind the  Desertec Project is to be a vast network of solar power plants in the Sahara Desert. Unlike decentralized solar panels on roofs that provide solar energy to individual houses, Desertec is a project with a much wider scope.
desertec algeria

His perception is massive solar power plants spanning a vast area of ​​land. CSP uses thousands of mirrors to focus a large area of ​​sunlight on a steam engine. Transmission cable networks will head north to power entire cities and countries. Millions of gallons of water will be used to wash the desert dust from paintings and mirrors.

The project, as mentioned, includes the construction of a huge connected network of mirrors to convert the sun’s rays into thermal energy, which heats a special oil used in the operation of steam turbines to generate electricity. Electricity will then be transferred to Europe via the high-pressure power line that currently exists between it and North Africa. The project could provide about 15 percent of the continent’s electricity needs. It is expected to get 20 gigawatts (GW) by 2020 and 100 gw by 2050. A meeting was held in Munich on July 13, 2009, to develop a final plan for the implementation of the project.

In July 2013, the non-profit Desertec Corporation separated from the other nineteen (19) partners in the industrial initiative, citing that it was “no longer comfortable with the business objectives expressed by the participating parties” in the project. A few days later, Aglaia Villand, Executive Director of the Desertec Industrial Initiative, one of the biggest promoters of the idea of ​​exporting alternative energy to Europe, was removed from his post and Director-General Paul von Son took the leadership of the company alone. Who stated that the project was focusing four years ago on importing energy from North African countries, and now this way of thinking has been abandoned. The non-profit organization of the Desertec has now enjoyed strong support from the Government of Germany, while the Desertec Industrial Initiative includes many multinational companies.

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