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Electric boats

Solar-powered ocean boat by Azura Marine

Singapore-based Azura Marine has unveiled a $ 500,000 electric boat capable of completing “non-stop solar-powered cruises only”.The boat (catamaran yacht, the Aquanima 40 series), It was unveiled earlier this month in Bali, Indonesia.

solar powered boatIt is a unique design consisting of 4 compartments, and the boat can accommodate 8 guests for long trips without the need for fossil fuels or refueling stations of any kind. It is equipped with a solar energy system as well as a 56 m2 
rainwater harvesting system, water maker, and air conditioning water recovery – making water supply available. ”

The company says that the ship can sail constantly thanks to the large 10 kW solar system and 60 kWh of batteries. This means sailing without limits without fuel costs, without noise or vibration, no odors, no polluting emissions, or any kind of turbulence on the cruise.

Electric motors are almost maintenance-free, with only a 20,000-hour pair of low-cost bearings replaced (more than the usual yacht use) the yacht provides all the comfort you can expect from a modern cruiser with air conditioning and a fully equipped kitchen including an ice maker, stove and sink, The bathroom and toilet are on the main deck for greater accessibility and all water is self-produced, including freshwater and drinking water, thanks to the yacht water maker, air conditioning water recovery system, and the huge rain surface that collects water. It features a high-quality marine audio system and comprehensive WIFI connectivity. “

According to the company, the boat can travel more than 100 nautical miles (185 km) in one day without stopping.

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