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From carbon to methane

South Korea

Scientists from South Korea, have succeeded in converting the carbon dioxide captured from the air directly into methane, which is the main component of natural gas, using solar energy and seawater, which can help to provide an important source of energy by relying on sustainable energy sources.

The research team has developed a new system to convert carbon dioxide into methane, using abundant seawater and easily obtainable solar energy.

How does this process occur?

“This process was done by using copper oxide and zinc oxide plates or electrodes to form a crystalline network that acts as nano-catalysts, to stimulate the methane production reaction while adjusting both atmospheric pressure and temperature during the reaction, depending on the crystal network of the catalyst using sunlight, where it is available. The energy required to obtain the required hydrogen to obtain pure methane, which has a purity of 99%.


It is one of the main prominent tools for obtaining clean fuel without any pollutants and at the lowest costs. The development of this process is still ongoing through the introduction of both electrochemical and photovoltaic energy to improve the chemical reaction conditions necessary for this process such as pressure and temperature, and to increase the amount of hydrogen that they will obtain from seawater to produce a larger amount of methane, the main component of natural gas.

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