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How to set up the direction of your solar Panel ?

solar panel orientation

The conventional understanding is that the ideal solar panel direction is facing South and it was really proven that facing panels to the west is the best direction for maximal production of power.
In order to start your home project (power system of Solar Panels)  to make some free Electricity and achieve cost savings,    you should choose the right direction of sun that faces your panels and the inclination.

weather you live in the USA, Asia, Africa or Europe the normal vector of light  depends on your location, this position can be known  by  two methods  :

Solar Tracker 

A solar Tracker allows you to maintain an optimal orientation of the panels compared to the rays of the Sun. 


if you can t make this tracker available you still have a solution, there are a lot of soft-wares to compute sun position, sun time and others parameters about sun path like :

    SAM: System Ad-visor Model: for a real system 

      Sam is a simulator tool not only a software that gives you the real direction of the sun but you can make a whole project simulation for your industrial system or commercial system you can make your calculus on this tool as you can simulate any system you want to install in your home whether it is a wind turbine or a solar water heater and other systems so all that you will do is download one of this software on your phone to know the direction of the sun in your location and the orientation of the panel.

      after that make your measures then go to the welder and ask for fixed support.that s all …
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