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Is gravity the new source of renewable energy?

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Instead, the recent renewable energy such as solar, wind, biomasses, etc. are not available 100% efficiency. Therefore, gravity power generation is one of the methods of generating a power that fulfils the energy demand within a few instants of day.

Gravity is available all over the earth, so producing power using gravity is the easy way.

Gravity is the force by which a planet or other body draws objects toward its center. The force of gravity keeps all of the planets in orbit around the sun.

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How could gravitation, this attraction of bodies by their mass, itself possess a mass? This hypothesis, which has already been formulated more than 80 years ago, is resurfacing today with a bang, pushed by a growing number of physicists from all over the world.

Pollution and global warming caused by fuel as energy sources, has always given man to look and pursuit of new sources of energies to keep up with his increasing demand.

With time, human being has become aware of the power of all material objects to be attracted towards the earth. Anything thrown upwards eventually falls down. The constituents of universe are galaxy, stars, planets, asteroids, meteors, etc. The force which keeps them bound together is called gravitational force. Earth exerts a force of gravity on all objects. With every passing day, the need for sustainable living on Earth is increasing greatly. For this world needs to start using renewable energy resources.

The hunt for generating power from renewable sources, is not something new and harnessing gravity power has been a quest of many. The reasons are quite obvious too. Gravity power is available all over. It is abundant. It is scalable.

Gravity is one of the fundamental forces of nature, is available everywhere across the Earth. Currently it is a dream to meet all energy requirements of the world. But when we have a light that gives free, clean energy at least the basic requirement of millions of people will be fulfilled.

In addition to being renewable it is neutral vis-à-vis the global thermal balance of the Earth. It is a mechanical form of solar energy.

For that, scientists are introducing the innovative method of generating power by gravity, which is present all time at anywhere on the earth. It didn’t work as they thought theoretically. It is cover up the gravitational energy away from an object, so that can result into energy from gravitational range, which may result into generation of gravitational electrical power technologically beneficial. Hence to provide solution for this problem, to apply gravity power generation mechanism, to give better efficiency to the system and improve the working of power generation.

There is some project that shows how electricity can be generated using gravity in simplest possible way. Mechanical components like Spur gears, chain and mass provide input to an electrical circuit through a generator motor. Every time you lift the weight, gravitational potential energy is converted into electrical energy for 68 seconds in this model. Power generation from gravity is cheaper and bio-efficient as compared to solar and other renewable energy sources.

So, one can produce required quantity of power today and go on increasing with demand, unlike in dams, which are built one is technique uses nothing but gravity and buoyancy (for anti-gravity). The device uses gravity for downward motion and buoyancy for upward motion. The power of gravity here is renewable, unlike in dams where water once released it cannot be reused to produce power. This technique is such that we harness the energy derived from the motion of a device in both upward and downward direction in a column of water. There is no flow of water. No consumption of fuel. Just pure renewable source of power – GRAVITY. Gravity being available everywhere, all the time, it is now possible to generate power from still waters like lakes, dams, artificial tanks etc. With these advantages, it is possible to generate power where it is required the most. The obvious benefit is huge saving in cost of transmission and minimizing those ugly high-tension transmission lines etc.

Without gravity, forget hydroelectricity, the reservoirs would not contain water, the water would not go down to the turbines, etc.

So, gravity is used as renewable energy. That’s the principle of hydro power. The gravity of a water body is used by turbines to generate electricity. It is renewable for obvious reasons. It can even serve as an energy accumulator by pumping water at night into a reservoir that will be used to generate electricity at peak daily use.

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