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9 free websites to learn Solar energy

learn solar energy

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Easy way to Learn solar energy 

Do you want to start learning solar energy for free? here are some of the best websites you can learn from.
Solar energy is one of the alternative energies the world focus on these days for its many benefits.


Lots of websites contain wrong information and a lot of people and even engineers make this mistake, which is learning from wrong sources that cannot be relied upon to learn solar energy, so after I searched for the best sites I wanted to present them to you with a list of some of these famous free websites that offer courses Free and valuable information globally recognized so you never miss the opportunity if you want to learn.


Let’s go Solar

Let s go Solar is one of the best websites I have seen, I really like it and I found it very helpful

At Let’s Go Solar, you get answers to the questions that so many others hedge: How much does a solar panel cost? How big will your solar system need to be? What are all the underlying costs involved?

While much of the energy economy run on keeping the conversation vague and complex, they give you basic lay-of-the-land answers so you can ask the right questions moving forward. Whether you’re simply testing the waters of going solar or you’re delving into more complex topics like financing options and state policies, they provide actionable expert insights to help you make the smart solar decision for your home.

Clean energy reviews

The American site gives suggestions on the best solar panels, the best inverters, and the best brands and compares the different brands and brands detailed in interesting articles and you will not regret my reader friend if you enter the site and read instead of wasting your time in the social media forums in which each of the educated and uneducated writes.



It is one of the best American sites, and it is very famous. It is also considered one of the best websites even in the world. It is a treasure and everything you need to benefit from the site is an English language and registration on the site through your email because you will later receive recognized certificates in the field that you learned.

There are many courses in the solar energy and other free and non-free courses, you find on the site 180 free courses, through which you can acquire many skills, whether related to installation or marketing, which you will not find who is talking about the simplest things related to that or technical matters and other things




A very cool and completely reliable website that you can also benefit from, along with the information in it is very valuable and gives you all the basics you need in the field of solar energy

Solar Panel Talk

This site is also one of the excellent sites, and by registering on the site you can publish topics and discuss your questions related to solar energy frankly. Most of the specialized websites in the field of solar energy are American sites, so when you sit on the site for a certain period, for reading articles or posts or share questions your time will not be wasted without interest and repetition. Visiting these sites will benefit you a lot.

Solargis info

The site gives important information. Besides that, the site provides a solar map that gives you all the details about the location where you want to install a free solar system, and this obviates the calculations related to the direction of the panels, the temperature, and the types of panels used in the site.

This site is related to solar energy software and tools that work simulating solar systems and all calculations for different regular and advanced systems and it provides you with that for free and you can also download many free programs that you can benefit from when you want to install a solar system.

There are many types of PV calculators: online, to download, free or not free, for specific brands of photovoltaic devices, or for general and professional use.


Arabic websites

Generally, we can’t compare Arabic websites with these famous websites but the Arabic reader or searcher can find what he wants in these Arabic websites because there are some well-known Arab scientists in the Arabic countries are good in this field and they give lots of information for free also and if you read their posts I think you will improve your capacities without any big efforts because they simplify concepts as possible as they can.

The founder of the site is the famous Yemeni scholar with patents, Marwan Thamrin. the site is very useful to Arab readers and is reliable because the site owner does not need an identification


A reliable site where a team of qualified editors interested in the field of solar energy and write about the field and technologies related to that and matters related to energy issues in Arab countries that it is not hidden to the reader that policies and energy issues must be known about who studies solar science, it is from a culture that has an impact in the field.

For more information:


Pv Softwares you need to make your system s calculus

If you are an individual or Professional of Solar PV energy, this video contains some information about Solar software you need to make your solar system output energy.
There are lots of calculators free and paid you can use to make full measures enjoy watching.

So dear reader, this is all I could write. If you have more important information, do not skimp on us in the comments. Thank you.


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