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Project size calculator

Project size calculator

A successful project begins with calculation and estimation, so if you want to start your small power system of solar panels the watch the  following plan 
let s  suppose you have 1 TV and 3 lamps in your home, in order  to know how many panel and battery you will by follow this you should follow me step  by step 

Step 1: calculation of  the daily energy requirement 

Step 2 : Calculation of the  number of panels necessary

First Method:

  • the regional factor of sunshine
Each place has a factor of sunshine, we call the regional factor of sunshine (FR)
  Ex : 
         in Algeria    FR=5
  • The amount of energy produces one panel per day (Ep)
EP =  Power of panel *FR
              a Panel of 80 W: give =80*5=400 Wh/D

  • The  number of panels necessary (Np)
Np= DER/Ep
Np=1176.5/400 =2.94
3 panels of (80 watts,13 V)
Second Method:

  • The Total Power (Pt) 
Pt=235.3 W
Np=Pt/P1        So:   Np=235.3/80=2.9          we get 3 Panels of 80 W

P1=Pt/NP       So :   P1=235.3/3  =78.43 W   we get 3 Panels of 80 W

3-calculation the  number of batteries necessary

  • the necessary capacity for a row of batteries

  • net capacity 

                                                       C1 =DERf / Ui

           Ui:(Tention of the installation )    depends on the power of all panels you need  
{Ui=12V  if :Pt<300 W             
{Ui=24V if :300W< Pt<1500W
{Ui=48V if :Pt>1500 W           
AN: Ui=12 V because Pt=235.3W<300W)
        C1=98.04 Ah
  • the total capacity of batteries (Ct)
Ct=C1+30% =C1*1.3
AN:  Ct=98.04 *1.3=127.45 Ah
  • Number of batteries necessary
  • choice of battery

Battery 1: Cb1 =65 Ah 


    calcul the Nb

    AN:    Nb=127.45/65 
                Nb=2                     2 Batteries of 65Ah,12 V

    for other types of batteries change only the calculus, the method is the same  the same 

    so, in the end, we need for our power system :

    • 3 Solar Panels (PV) of 80W,13 V
    • 2 Batteries of 65 Ah,12V
    • 1 Regulator 
    • 1 inverter 12VDC /220V AC
    • Accessory (cables, disjunctures, elements of fixation)

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