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Renewable Energy In Algeria

Algeria, The Big Country In Africa 

Algeria is the Big country in Africa, covers an area of 2.38 million km2, and has a large desert which accounts for 80 % of its area characterized by long solar radiation all year long.

It is one of the most qualified sites for solar energy production and wind energy in Africa and the world. Scientists say that the Algerian Desert is capable of producing large quantities of electricity, sufficient for the needs of the country, and exporting them to neighboring countries Problems of electricity supply.

1-Solar Energy (CSP)

Integrated Solar Combined Cycle  (ISCC)-150 MW  

The ISCC Project spreads on a 64 hectares area, carried out near a natural gas field, considered the most important in Algeria, is to use it to operate the plant, certainly, but also to save it by counting on 25 MW produced by 224 Concentrated Solar Parabolic arranged in 56 loops, with a total electrical generating capacity of 150 MW.

Main Characteristics: 
  • First Integrated Solar Combined Cycle  ever in the World 
  • Total installed Power: approx. 150 MW
  • Solar share of about 35 MW 
  • Duration of Works: 33 Months 
  • Scheduled Investment: approx. 320 Million €

2-Wind  Energy 

In Algeria, achievements in the field of wind energy are very limited in comparison with current global developments in this area, which has reached very advanced objectives. Also, the share of renewable energies in the balance sheet national energy is very low compared to neighboring countries since it does not represent only 0.02% of national electricity consumption.

The Wind Turbine  Farm of Adrar –  10.2 MW

A small central of 12 wind turbines located in a big farm  A big farm characterized by important wind regime.The project developed with an Algerian-french partnership to  Generate a total Power of 10 Megawatt.
The Algerian Government installed the Twelve eolian after researchers made by the renewable development centers ( UDES and CDER ) which say that the Farm characterized by a wind regime of 6m/s to 11 m /s.

Development Centers

CDER Renewable Energy Development Center
UDES Solar Equipment Development Unit
URAER Applied Research Unit in Renewable Energies
URERMS Renewable Energy Research Unit in the Saharan Region

Top Solar Panel Manufacturers 

SARL Algerian PV Company

SARL Algerian PV Company, or ALPV for short, was founded in Algeria in 2010 and is a company primarily engaged in the manufacture of solar PV panels. The company was initially established on the basis of a former metal processing and plastic injection company, and thus ALPV capitalizes on more than thirty years of industrial experience.

ALPV is located in the Tlemcen industrial sector, and the company is fitted with a modern modular line of photovoltaic modules encapsulation. They also manufacture photovoltaic modules, based on polycrystalline and monocrystalline cells ranging from 100 Wc to 280 Wc, of various technologies and powers. And they’re also undergoing rigorous quality controls to ensure their products are flawless. As a result, each year ALPV’s solar panels are able to produce 12 MW.

Aures Solaire

The company is known for the use of NICE (New Industrial Cells Encapsulation) technology, an advanced and cost-effective method used in the encapsulation of photovoltaic cells as well as the manufacture of modules. Aures Solaire also uses sealing technology that is inspired by the development of double glazing, in addition to the use of NICE.
This sealing material can create a perfectly protected interior volume from the outside including moisture. With all these unique technologies used to make solar panels, it’s no surprise that Aures Solaire has managed to capture so many customers ‘ attention.

Helpful Softwares

AlgeriaESRA Software to estimate solar radiation in Algeria with a new theoretical approach used to establish the global radiation received on a horizontal surface, from ground-based data, which is the duration of sunshine [hours].

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