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3 inter-related [Environemental , animales ,Renewable energy ] organizations

Environmental Organizations and Renewable Energy centers

Save the earth , save the animal , save life
There are many organizations interested in the field of energy in general and renewable energies in particular, as law enforcement organizations are interested in the field of pollution and reduction Greenhouse gases (GHG) and global warming.
Some of them are concerned with energy issues, the rational exploitation of environmental resources and energy security, so I wanted to introduce some of these international and governmental organizations and some names of research centers interested in the field of renewable energy and we’ll talk about it briefly and I’ll publish the others in a second Article.

1.Environmental organizations


IRENA is a worldly organization that helps countries lead their transition to a sustainable energy future, and constitutes the main platform dedicated to international cooperation, as well as a center of excellence and a repository for policies, technologies, financial resources and knowledge in renewable energy. It encourages the widespread adoption and sustainable use of all forms of renewable energy, in efforts to promote sustainable development, access to energy, energy security, economic growth, carbon emission.


The OMPE (World Environmental Protection Organization) is a fully autonomous and integrated French NGO thanks to donations founded in 2013 by French businessman and ecologist Gilles Lazzarini whose aim is to contribute to the global preservation of the environment and biodiversity by reflecting and implementing groundbreaking technological projects, deforestation, air, and water quality, global warming, energy, the fight against all pollution (land, oceans, plastics, insecticides, waves, radiation, etc.), environmental subjects are treated worldwide and not at the state level.

Carbon Free Group

The Carbon-Free Group is a Group that seeks to decarbonize the built environment by promoting creative approaches in traditional markets.
The Carbon-Free Group was set up as a limited company in March of 2008 to a Not-for-Profit Community Interest Company (CIC) in 2016.


Carbon Free Believe that microgeneration (meeting all of one’s home’s energy needs, hybrid systems as solar panels with micro wind turbines) will become to home energy supply and finally this will have big effects on the businesses of the existing energy supply companies. 


The Cooperation Organization and economic development is a global organization working for better policies for a better life? the objective of OECD is to promote public policies that promote prosperity, equal opportunity, and well-being for all.

Their objective:


  • It works closely with representatives of civil society and offers evidence-based solutions to meet the challenges of today’s world.
  • Improving economic performance with job creation ….. etc


Commission for Environmental Cooperation, Canada, Mexico, and the United States have partnered since 1994 through the North American Agreement on Environmental Cooperation (NAAEC) to safeguard the atmosphere in North America.

In the light of the increasing cultural, trade and social links that unite Canada, Mexico, and the United States, three countries are working together to protect and develop the North American environment for the well-being of present and future generations.

Environment protection is an important topic discussed today due to the increased pollution of the environment by the emission of toxic gases resulting from the overexploitation of impure natural resources and to this end many international government organizations and organizations private non-governmental organizations concerned with the field of environmental conservation.

Intergovernmental organizations

  • European Environment Agency
  • International Commission for Climate Change
  • United Nations Environment Program

Europeinene organizations

  • Regional Environmental Center for Central and Eastern Europe
The REC is an international organization established in 1990 by the European Commission, the USA, and Hungary

2.Animal Protection Services

The U.S Fish & Wildlife Service

The Fish and Wildlife Service mission includes working with others to conserve natural resources. The many successful bird conservation initiatives the Service is a part of with partners are shining examples of how multi-organization collaborative partnerships can lead to conservation success.

The Fish and Wildlife Service provides information and assistance to industry and the public seeking to develop projects in a manner that reduces impacts on birds and their habitats. Some of the resources the Service provides and is constantly improving upon are voluntary guidelines, best practice recommendations, and information and resources for developers for conducting environmental reviews striving for bird-friendly projects.


Audubon is a nonprofit American conservation organization.,The National Society protects birds and the places they need, today and tomorrow, throughout the Americas using science, advocacy, education, and on-the-ground conservation.

American BIRDS Conservancy (ABC)



ABC is the bird protection expert in the Western Hemisphere the only group with a clear and consistent dedication to achieving sustainable results for birds and their habitats around the Americas.
The ABC is innovating, building on sound science, and working in partnership to achieve four goals: halting extinctions, protecting habitats, eliminating threats, and building bird conservation capacity.


3.laboratories, Research, and development centers




The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) is a United States National Laboratory. Power department, energy management office, and clean energy department. The research of NREL examines energy systems and innovations, science researches on renewable energy(solar, water, wind, bioenergy, geothermal, energy storage, energy analysis)


PV Standards Organizations                                                          

IECRE:     Certification for PV systems
What is IECRE?
The IEC Certification Program for Standards Relating to Equipment for Use in Renewable Energy Applications (IECRE Program) aims to promote international trade in renewable energy sector equipment and services while ensuring the necessary level of safety.


Standards Development Organization

  • IEC: International Electrotechnical Commission, focus on Performance and Safety of Products, Systems and Services
  • ASTM: International (formerly American Society for Testing and Materials), focus on Measurement Principles and Specialty Tests
  • SEMI: Semiconductor Equipment Manufacturers’ Institute, Primarily Manufacturing related (materials and equipment)
  • UL: Underwriters’ Laboratories focus on Product Safety.
  •  ICC: International Code Council, focus on Building and Fire Codes. 
  • IEEE:  Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, focus on Grid Connection Codes.



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