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Why Suntech is the best company for  Egyptians? 

What distinguishes it from others?

  •  Value for money (you get the highest efficiency for a Tier 1 Panel at the best possible price) means the best Panel for returning your capital in less time.

  • Sun Tech is the largest market share in Egypt, and it represents 65% of the size of the installations in Egypt. It is illegal for Benban, in which Sun Tech participates with 150 MB.

  • SunTech is the only Tier 1 Panel in Egypt that has an exclusive agent that can be consulted in cases of guarantee and to ensure that the cells that you receive are Original and Grade A and you buy and you are secure and also authorized distributors to ensure the best service.

  •  As long as an agent stays in control of the price, you will not buy the day at a price, and after two days the price comes down to half a pound and causes you problems like Panels that have more than one importer.

  • Sun Tech has the largest network of distributors in all the important places in the Republic(Egypt). You can buy Panels from Fifth Settlement and Katameya – October – Abu Rawash Alexandria – Noubareya – Nag Hammadi – Sohag – Aswan – Farafra.
  • Sun Tech is a company that has bankability and stability in the global PV market.
  • Products are present all the time in large quantities in Egypt.
  •  Sun Tech has a positive tolerance of only 5W + and does not give less power at all. So the Panel of 275 W gives you 275W or more. There is no negative feedback.
  • Temperature coefficient, suitable for weather conditions in Egypt 38 degrees.
  • SunTech features Current Sorting on all pallets to reach the highest efficiency in every String in your station.
  • Sun Tech is the Joker cell that operates the largest pump & On-grid in Egypt And many other features that all partners know.

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