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The causes of flooding in Europe

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The causes of flooding in Europe are two closely related problems. All we are facing today, in July, is the consequences of the terrible change that is taking place on the planet.

What describes a flood?

As we know, storms are an atmospheric phenomenon associated with a rapid movement of winds, which usually carry with it either rain, snow, or sand. It varies in size and duration that the violent occur less, but if it occurs, it often affects the entire continent.
For flooding is the accumulation or collection of a large amount of liquid that submerges the earth, it may also apply to tidal flow. Flooding is often caused by massive precipitation and can result from a volume of growth in a stream, such as a river or lake.

The movement of the wind at a higher speed when a storm occurs brings a lot of rain that causes flooding. So the storm is causing flooding—
Over the past few days, the continent of Europe has experienced a storm called “Burnet” that caused severe flooding at the height of summer in some areas. Many are still lost in the floods that swept across Western Europe. It has affected Germany and Belgium in particular and in other European lands. Streets and houses were submerged by wrecks and overturned cars, and trees uprooted from the ground were washed away by torrents.

Words cannot describe the tragic situation left by the pandemic. The numbers have reached record levels that the country has not seen in decades. German emergency teams were still searching for hundreds of missing people on Friday after the worst floods that have claimed many lives so far and are likely to increase with hundreds more still lost in states the most affected in Rhineland-North Westphalia and Rhineland-Palatinate. Approximately 1,000 soldiers participated in rescue and clearing operations in the affected towns and villages.
The presence of the river, of course, makes the situation worse and a catastrophe, which is what happened in Germany. Compared to the floods that occur in other Western countries, the damage is not great compared to countries where rivers within cities and their population are large
Summer in Germany usually sees rains as well, but the recording of showers has reached record levels and caused floods and losses of this magnitude, raising the question of whether the current situation is “normal”.

In Belgium, it resulted in the death of at least 31 citizens and the loss of dozens. The water is gradually moving away from the flooded areas as of last Friday. The hydrologists warned the German authorities of these floods four days before the hail began.
The German weather service confirmed that everyone had followed the instructions. They said, “The municipalities were notified, but unfortunately they didn’t share that information with the public. Despite the announcement of the most serious state of readiness in some areas in advance, the media did not publish this information among the residents”.

Do the consequences of climate change appear today in Europe and Germany?

Environment and climate experts and experts explain that climate change increases the frequency and intensity of floods caused by heavy rains, so the main cause of this disaster is climate change. Climate change has become an existential threat to humanity. Experts say the global temperature has increased by an average of 1.2 degrees Celsius since the beginning of the industrial era.
Climate change is any significant, long-term change in the average time that occurs in a given region. This human-induced change increases the amount of greenhouse gas emissions that hold high temperatures.
They are a large number of gases that are trapped at a specific height from the sky and are distinguished by their ability to absorb infrared radiation emitted from the earth and keep it and increase the temperature of the air. Thus, it reduces the loss of heat from the Earth to space, which makes it contributes to the warming of the Earth’s atmosphere, and thus to the phenomenon of global warming.

Floods in Europe Climate change is the real danger

Floods in Europe Climate change

The effects of climate change include changes in ambient temperature and precipitation patterns (as scientists claim). Temperature is involved in increasing evaporation. What “Burnt” created was due to changes in rains and flooding of rivers already creating drainage retention.
Climate change is leading to an increase in extreme weather events such as heat waves, droughts, floods and hurricanes. Like this, the number of hurricanes and the strength and continuity of tropical storms put forward that before. Therefore, the world must work to reduce this crisis. So many individual practices can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and thus reduce global warming such as recycling waste, using energy-efficient products, encouraging others to save energy, reduce vehicle use… etc.

Extreme thunderstorms in parts of Arizona are a second proof

Do you think the climate situation is going to get worse in the future because of the factors that affect it? I think it’s very possible. Given that the world has not taken into account recent environmental fluctuations and has not proposed solutions to reduce them with the current floods, the influenced European countries must prepare a security protocol to combat this natural impact since we expect them to occur in the future to avoid the losses that are faced this days-and we must not ignore the causes of its appearance. Protecting our planet begins with Would you like to visit this interesting page (here are some of the things you can do)

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