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Banban 1.8 GW The largest solar Park in the world

Solar energy in Egypte

Solar Energy In Egypte

The largest gathering of solar energy stations was opened in the Banban area of ​​the Egyptian Aswan Governorate.Solar panels cover a very large area in a desert region so much so that it has a clear view of space. This area is part of the Benban complex for the production of electricity with energy.
The “Banban” complex for the production of solar energy is located 30 km north of the city of Aswan in Upper Egypt. The project includes 32 stations that were completed by more than 40 companies from 12 countries, including the Spanish Akiona and Alcazar Energy Company, based in the Emirates, and the Italian Enerai, Total Eneren, and EDF French, and included the Chinese Solar and the Norwegian Skatec Solar.
The developers of the project, which is located about 40 km northwest of Aswan, have a preferential price for 25 years.
With a production capacity of 1.8 GW, equivalent to 90 percent of the production of the High Dam. The project build on an area of ​​37 square kilometers, is a site where the sun’s brightness continues throughout the year, what its people have been for establishing the station there. 
The cost of the project, in which 39 specialized companies participated and is considered the largest in the world at all, was three billion and four hundred million euros.
It is noteworthy that the “Banban” solar station in Aswan includes the largest number of power plants in the world, and there are 40 solar stations.
The station is a really great achievement for Egypt. Many international companies participated in the implementation and many international banks contributed to the financing of the project. The developers say that the solar radiation is exceptionally good in Banban and the operating costs are low. Maintenance is largely limited to simply removing desert dust from solar panels to increase their absorption of sunlight.
“It doesn’t require a lot of manpower, it just needs cleaning equipment,” said Mohamed Osama, an official of an Egyptian energy company, which owns a plant that produces 50 GW in Banban. It is occupied by workers in Benban. There are other workers for maintenance only, that’s all, and the number is not that big. 
He added, however, that the plant needs a storage system, which remains a major technical challenge for solar energy that rises during the day, in order to install supplies for the public electricity network.”


Type of Solar panels used in the Benban plant

  • The panels are Trina solar tallmax with a capacity of 320 and 325 watts. The panels have a maximum voltage of 1500 volts, we mean Maximum series voltage.


  • Solar panels with a temperature coefficient of -0.41% in terms of capacity, which is a little high compared to the hot climate in which the station is located.

  • Size of Panels :1200x600mm to 2000mmx1000mm.
  • The one-axis tracking system was used,  as it uses in all large solar projects
  • The  inverters

Central inverters were used and are restricted to use in very large projects and the name of this Inverters by Schneider are Conext Core XC Solar Inverter.

Egypt suffered from a continuous power outage in 2013 due to a lack of power in the old power plants. Three gas plants with a capacity of 14.4 GW, purchased from Siemens in 2015, turned the deficit into a surplus.
The national electricity production capacity in Egypt is currently estimated at about 50 GW, and the country aims to increase the share of electricity that is available from renewable energy sources from a simple percentage currently to 20 percent by 2022 and 42 percent by 2035.




Last year, a report by the International Renewable Energy Agency indicated that Egypt may be more ambitious in its green energy goals and aims to provide 53 percent of electricity from renewable energy sources by 2030.


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