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There are dozens of tiny homes for sale on Amazon and other online stores, if you want to buy one but you have no idea you are in the right place, but before we start I recommend reading tiny homes 5 interesting things you need to know and this post also to get some information before you make any purchase. what you can find here in this post will be enough I have mentioned everything related to tiny homes such as prices, regulations, legality, etc

#1 The popularization of tiny houses

The tiny home movement promotes downsizing, simplifying, and eco-friendly living, which has been popularized, even more, considering global warming. Whether to reduce spending or to reduce waste, families often choose to exchange their apartments or homes for a cottage that carries from two to eight people. Some other people just adopt this lifestyle escape sedentary and travel the country.

Today, finding a location for a tiny house has come one of the movement’s main challenges. Parking on someone’s own land may be forbidden by local restrictions banning “camping” for tiny houses on wheels, and zoning rules often require minimum square footage for new construction on a foundation. While compact dwellings minimize money on some expenses, they can still be costly depending on the location.

#2 Tiny houses and regulation

First, you need to know the laws regarding the tiny houses and they can vary considerably from one state to another. Nonetheless, Building laws and zoning regulations in your area are two crucial aspects to consider.

Building codes

Legally, there are two types of tiny homes: RV (recreational vehicle) and ADU (accessory dwelling unit). The RV is a tiny house on wheels. There are lots of campsites in the United States where you can park your RV if you register as one, but consider the fact that most states do not allow full-time RV residency unless it is in a certified RV park.
The ADU is a tiny house on a foundation, they include granny flats or cottages. Due to rules prohibiting owners from purchasing land on which to build a tiny house, you’ll have to build nearby an existing residential house.

However, building codes determine how the tiny home is constructed. In short, the important criteria are :

  • There must be stairs or ladders in order to reach loft areas.
  • Ceiling heights in common spaces must be at least 6 feet 8 inches, but bathrooms can be as low as 6 feet 4 inches.
  • The minimum number of windows needs to be the same as the standard requirement for emergency exit points.
  • There must be at least one separated bathroom.

There are also two other concepts that you may have heard about: the IBC and the IRC.
The IBC (International Building Code) refers to the laws for commercial construction and the IRC (International Residence Code) refers to the regulations for residential construction, covering the tiny homes and its values are founded on the protection of public health, safety, and welfare.
The IRC is a set of building code rules that covers all phases of construction, including building, plumbing, mechanical, energy conservation, fuel gas provisions, and electrical provisions.

Zoning regulations

Unfortunately, you can’t park your tiny house anywhere. To learn more about the area where you’re planning to construct, you’ll need to contact your local zoning department. In short, it’s about whether or not the region where you wish to build is tiny house suitable.

#3 Are tiny homes legal in the US?

Before you decide where you can buy your next home and consider the changing laws, you need to know where to move first. Not all the states are tiny house friendly but there are few that welcome this trend and even implement regulations to ensure safety for those who are interested in downsizing.

Texas and Maine are the tiniest house-friendly states.

The first « tiny house friendly town » was designated in Spur, Texas, in 2014. They accept both ADUs and RVs as long as they are tied down with the wheels removed. Austin allows any size as long as the tiny house is on permanent foundations while it has to be at least 320 SQ FT in Breckenridge and it can’t be larger than 400 SQ FT in Fort Worth.
Many companies such as Mint Tiny House Company offer the experience to inspire the customer and help him design his new home.

Maine is also considered as one of the leading states in the tiny house movement for the reason that it has set tiny house construction codes that involve the entire state. Just like in Texas, The Maine Uniform Building and Energy Code must be followed in most cases if your tiny house is built on a permanent foundation. Besides, in North Yarmouth, camping in an RV is allowed, since all requirements for residential structures are completed. If you are looking into moving to a tiny house in Maine, builders offer quality expertise in the domain through their websites like, where they present a variety of floor plans you can customize.

After Texas and Maine, Pennsylvania also noticed that tiny houses are becoming more popular. Not only for offering flexibility in size and style, but furthermore, when it comes to parking your tiny, the rural areas of the state will most likely be easy, taking into account the regulations of the municipality. The specifics must meet IRC, having at least one room of 120 SQ FT, the other rooms of 70 SQ FT or more, and at least 7 SQ FT in any direction.
You can get support in the construction and designing of your small cottage by Utopian Villas.

In terms of construction codes, almost all municipalities in Georgia follow the 2012 International Residential Code. In Atlanta, ADUs are only allowed in the R-5 district, and Decatur adopted a UDO (Unified Development Ordinance) that does not require minimum square footage. NewHomeSource website has a great view about the best tiny homes builders in Georgia in which you can find Homestead Tiny House Co, Mustard Seed Tiny Homes, Hummingbird Tiny Housing, Free Range Tiny Homes, and Tiny Houses of Georgia.

In Massachusetts, ADUs are allowed in several towns and cities like Acton, Amesbury, Andover, Ashland, and Bedford. In contrast, RVs are not clearly defined in this state, which makes them more difficult to adopt. However, if you want to build your tiny in this state, you need to know that B&B Micro Manufacturing is a pioneer in the field of tiny house construction. You can check their portfolio on their website or Instagram profile.

Economy efficient dwellings are allowed in Michigan and must be placed on the foundation. Its size has to be between 240 and 500 SQ FT and they are legalized in agriculture areas, residential 2, and forest rec. Dickinson Homes offer a set of modular homes with two customizable models based on modern or rustic style, whereas Great Lakes Tiny Homes offer numerous rustic contemporary models.

New Hampshire allows Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) that can be non-occupied by the owner, provided he lives on the site. Furthermore, there are 30 towns that do not have zoning regulations such as Orford, Rumney, Warren, and Lempster. Although, as in Massachusetts, RVs can meet some difficulties finding a place to park. New Hampshire Tiny House Company LLC is the leading producer of customizable tiny homes. They build and sell sustainable tiny houses, the perfect eco-friendly home.

In addition to the regulation that the tiny house has to be built on a foundation, New Mexico’s regulations include both sizing, sanitary, and plumbing requirements. There must be at least a room of 70 SQ FT, sanitary facilities and, to sum up, the tiny’s standards need to meet the regulations of the New Mexico Energy Conservation Code. ANSI codes regulate the construction of RVs, although they have to be anchored to some foundation. LivLab Studios’s products are available on their website and you still can design your home, inspired by their fabulous gallery or photos shared on their Instagram profile.

Both Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) and Recreational Vehicles (RVs) are allowed per property in Oregon, their owners still need special trip permission and a commercial hauler to relocate their tiny. Tru Form Tiny offers plans you can custom through their website with various options including the prices of the buildings.

Unfortunately, Pima is the only county with regulations about tiny houses in Arizona at this time. The home is legal as long as it’s built on foundations. Dimensions aren’t regulated and the staircase to the loft area can be replaced by a ladder. Uncharted Tiny Homes in Pheonix, AZ presents cabins starting from 75.000 US$ for 215 SQ FT on their website.

On the Other hand, the majority of Florida seems ready for downsizing by tiny houses hotels, and countless RV parks. Codes surrounding the sizing criteria of tiny homes vary from a town to another. Tampa Bay Tiny Homes’s catalog is available on their website and you can contact them for more information about the process.

Despite not being legal in California, many people live in their vehicles. According to The California Health and Safety Code, a recreational vehicle -with or without motive power- is a motor home, truck camper, travel, or camping trailer, made for human habitation for recreational goals. Most cities in CA allow accessory dwelling units though. Mighty Buildings projects and products are available on their website, joined by legal counseling.

Idaho is the first state to include references to RVs, prefabricated homes, modular homes, and tiny houses in the same legislation. The state is moving forward into downsizing despite the strict laws about it. You can find minimalist designs on Tiny Idahomes’s page.

Accessory dwelling units on foundations are covered by the same legislation as all housing in Minnesota. Although it’s challenging to find a place to park or build, many municipalities encourage downsizing in the context of adaptation for elderly or disabled people. With the motto “it’s time to go tiny”, Midwest Tiny Living supports the lifestyle, showing the best photos online.

Similar to MN, Nevada welcomes tiny houses provided the local rules are respected. If you think of moving there, explore With their quick and simple financing, you can see personalized payment plans. 

South Dakota made a big step into downsizing for its tiny house lovers citizens. All residential zoning districts in Spearfish allow permanent tiny houses on foundations that meet building code. Besides, any commercial campsite can accept a temporary tiny house on wheels. Although, they must be secured to the ground for safety. You can get help for the cabin of your dreams from Quality Storage Buildings.

In Colorado and Tennessee, many counties started including tiny homes within building codes, especially when it comes to ADUs. Nebraska released a document about the different categories of tiny houses, stating that local jurisdiction still has a say in zoning requirements. Simplicity considers tiny houses as a passion and helps to build homes on wheels “that easily moves with you as your life evolves”.

South Carolina and Hawaii started considering the tiny house movement due to the rise in housing costs. Lake Walk Community offers experience and support in SC while Mockingbird Tiny Homes presents theirs in HI.

Several tiny communities already exist in Indiana and Washington, where lots of cities allow tiny as ADUs on a foundation with proportion restrictions. Meanwhile, North Dakota counts only one city, Burleigh, in which tiny homes on 40 acres or more are allowed.

Tiny house rentals are abundant in Wyoming, especially in areas with access to outdoor activities and views of the mountains. Again, mostly in Illinois, tiny dwellings are permitted in campgrounds, mobile home parks, and private properties, even though individual counties have the last say on permitted and forbidden areas.

Only a few counties in North Carolina and Vermont allow ADUs, while municipalities in Utah slowly start accomodating laws surrounding tiny houses.
Some states like Kansas and Kentucky are slowly starting legalizing tiny houses on foundations with restrictions. Louisville Metro, KY, for instance, allows tiny house kits that are assembled on-site, placed on foundations. If the assembling is off-site, then it’s considered pre-manufactured and would require state approval.

Nevertheless, the states above are not the tiniest home-friendly, you still can find professional builders such as Woolywagons in IN, Greenpod in WA, Dakota Cabins in ND, Chicago Tiny House Inc in IL, Compact Cottages in NC, Roll’en Homes in VT, and Mighty Small Homes in KY.

You can also look for the model you want in online stores such as Aliexpress,eBay, tiny house listings, and, where you will find models of prefab, affordable, and ready tiny houses for sale or rent and their prices start from less than 10.000 US$.

#4 Is it cheaper to build or buy a tiny house?

If you think you can save money by making your cozy tiny by yourself, now you are right. However, it demands hard work, craftsmanship and you really need to be a patient builder. You can check the materials list at tiny house builders, where you can download plans to help you. The website includes a marketplace with tiny houses for sale and rent, which will help with the inspiration.

#5 Can you build a tiny house for 5 thousand dollars?

According to HomeAdvisor, building on foundation costs from 4$ to 7$ per SQ FT. That adds 5000$ to 8000$ to the project. The budget would be then around 100$ to 200$ per SQ FT. Considering the construction permit that averages about 1350$, the total would be 16.000$ to 57.000$.
On the other hand, making a tiny trailer house would cost around 60.000$, and a tumbleweed house’s cost starts from 69.000$.

What about 1000$?

ould be Macy Miller’s, who built her house in 2011 and made incredible savings from sponsors and donations. Her budget was 11.416.16 US$ and everything is detailed from the book to plumbing accessories including screws, paints, and light bulbs for the bathroom on minimotives .
Unfortunately, you can’t make a safe tiny house for less than 15.000$. But you can still search for sponsors and take used items to minimize expenses.

See study case ↗

#6 Best tiny homes for sale you can buy from amazon

Amazon Best Sellers;

Most popular products are based on sales.

When you browse the Internet and look for tiny homes, you’ll find a lot of products and kits for tiny houses, and of all that, I’ve chosen in this article, the ten profitable tiny houses you can buy on the site and the most widely traded on the site.

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