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Top 15 solar panels manufacturers in the world

A lot of people ask about good solar panels that can be used in solar projects. so, in this article, we will site the most important international companies producing solar panels So that you can choose the right solar panel for your project.

As we know ,  there are a lot of high quality solar panels manufactorers companies, but we’ll only talk about some of the well known companies like Trina solar and Sun power.

I.Japanese companies


A well-known global company, and among the many electronics that the company produces, manufacture solar panels with HIT technology.

The company was established in 1918 and the number of employees is about 259385 employees.

Company products

The first series produced by the company is:

  • It is known that the solar panels produce DC current, but the Panasonic  Corporation produces solar panels with AC current. How is that?
  • This occurs by merging a  microinverter behind the solar panel, the role of this inverter as we know is to convert the DC to AC.

340N HIT®+ Series
330K Black series


  • High module efficiency of 19.7% provides 330W of high power output and greater energy yields.
  • A low-temperature coefficient of -0.258%/°C produces higher output at high temperatures

Panasonic solar panels have a great advantage and are the temperature coefficient, and virtually Panasonic is the only company that has this advantage. As you see -0.258 is a low number This value indicates the extent of the solar panel being affected by the temperature. I mean, the higher the temperature, the lower the capacity of the plate by a certain amount.

 In short, according to this figure, it appears that Panasonic panels have the best coefficient in the world, and this means that these panels are the least affected by heat compared to other solar panels of other companies.

  • Remarkably low annual degradation ¬@ 0.26% with superior curb appeal.
  • Highest PTC to STC rating.
  • Complete 25-year TripleGuard warranty.


Kaneka Produce solar panels with the technologies of Thin-film silicon solar panel


#3.Solar frontier

Solar Frontier Produce solar panels with the CIS technique.


II.Korean companies



LG solar panels
360w/355w/ 350                               365w/370w/375w/380w

lG solar panels

Also One of the most prestigious companies in the world.




III. Chinese companies


#7.Trina solar 

One of the most important and famous international companies in the production of solar panels. The panels of this company are spread all over the world.
The company was established in 1997, its main headquarters are in Changshu, China
trina solar
solar panel by trina solar


bifacial trina solar
solar panel by trina solar

#8.Jinko solar

One of the most important and most famous international companies in the production of solar panels. The company’s panels are spread all over the world. The company was established in 2006 and its head office is in Shanghai, China.



#.Half Cell module technology

key features


Half Cell module technology

  • Less Shading Loss
Under the same shadow condition, the power loss of the half-cell component is less than that of the full-cell component

  • Amount of electrical current

The electrical current I which flows in each busbar is halved by using half-cells. Therefore, the amount of internal losses in a half-cut module is 1/4 of a full-sized cell module.

  • Low Working Temperature

Apple-to-Apple Temperature measured in an R&D PV system in Oct.2017, Half-cell module is around ~2 degrees lower.

Bifacial Module with Transparent Backsheet Technology

Bifacial solar panel
                             Bifacial solar panel by jinko solar 

Bifacial Module with Transparent Backsheet technology Up to 20% power gain depending on albedo and PV system design.


#.Tiling Ribbon Technologie (TR)

Eliminate cell gap to increase module efficiency significantly. Comparing with 5BB, the Tiger series module uses a circular ribbon, which is developed by Jinko R&D independently to achieve the utilization of light absorption and increase energy generation.
  • Brings More Energy
  • Better Performance in Low Irradiance Environment

#9.Risen Solar technologie

A well-known company worldwide founded in 1986.


  • Monocrystalline modules
  • Polycrystalline modules
  • HJT Bifacial  Modules

#10.Longi Solar 

#11.Canadian solar

#12.JA Solar


The Suntech solar panels are widely distributed in the Arab countries, especially in Egypt.
This is a list of the ten best-selling companies in the world.

IV.Americans companies

There are many big companies, but I just wanted to mention some of them.


A world-class American company headquartered in California

The company produces many series of solar panels and we mention some of them.

#.E-Series Solar Panels

  • Avg.Panels efficiency equal to 20.4 %
  • Power Temperature coefficient. -0.35% /c

#.X-Series Solar Panels

  • Power.335w-345w
  • Avg.Panels efficiency equal to 21.5 %

V.Norwegian companies

#15.REC Solar

A very distinctive Norwegian company founded in 1996 headquarters in Norway.

REC is a fully integrated provider of solar solutions that not only manufactures solar panels, but also everything that goes into them – from silicon, wafers, cells, to panels, and even going beyond by offering expert services and solutions.

What the reader benefits from these companies?

The researcher, engineer, or reader in this field must know everything about the technologies used in solar panels and know their types, and this will never be except by entering the sites of these well-known international companies and knowing more resources related to the field of solar energy.
A person is not only persuaded to know about general matters, but it is necessary to know all the details and new techniques for a great experience.


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