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What are the solutions to the 4 types of pollution?

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a planet is facing a variety of troubling problems that arise from human contamination. Many of them cause environmental problems that cause long-term damage to the earth’s ecosystem.

Environmental pollution consists of five basic types of pollution: air, water, soil, noise and light.

1. Air pollution

Air pollution,

Air pollution is by far the most harmful form of pollution in our environment.

#1. What causes air pollution?

Air pollution is caused by harmful smoke from cars, buses, trucks and trains. Air pollution can be classified in two sections :

  1. Visible Air Pollution
  2. Invisible Air Pollution.

Another way of looking at air pollution could be any substance that could interfere with the atmosphere or well-being of living beings that survive it. The survival of all things is due to a combination of gases that collectively form the atmosphere; the imbalance caused by the increase or decrease in the percentage of these gases can affect survival.

#2 Solutions to Air Pollution

There are many solutions to air pollution. The first is to use public transportation. Encourage people to use more and more public transit to reduce pollution. The second is energy conservation. Turn off the fans and lights when you go out. You can save the degradation environment by reducing the number of fossil fuels to burn.

The third is to understand the concept of reduction, reuse, and recycling. Don’t throw away items that are of no use to you. The fourth is the focus on clean energy resources. Clean energy technologies such as
solar energy, geothermal energy, and wind energy are widespread today.

#3. water pollution

Water pollution is a growing global problem. Large industries, including those that manufacture chemicals and plastics, dump a large amount of waste into the water. Human waste is also found in oceans and lakes. To solve the problem, individuals can improve recycling and waste disposal.
Companies should develop permanent protocols to reduce the number of chemicals and other wastes they put into the water supply.

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