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Uptra sells all its solar powered cars within 24 hours

Uptra ssolar powered car

The American company Uptra, California, has opened its website for pre-orders for their new solar powered vehicle. The car, which was listed for pre-order for $ 26,000 or up to $ 46,900 for the four-wheel-drive version, can travel 1,000 miles. Within twenty-four hours of the company’s launch, all cars were completely sold out due to high demand.

The car does not look like a regular car, but it resembles a science fiction car and includes lightweight materials that reduce the aerodynamics of clouds and improve the cooling process.

Solar panels embedded in the new Apetera with technology provide 40 miles of “free” driving every day. This innovation makes it the “# 1 vehicle that does not require fuel for most daily driving.”

When fully charged, its battery can be driven 1,000 miles. This range greatly exceeds what is currently available from the Tesla Model S range of 370.
The car can go from zero to sixty miles per hour in just 3.5 seconds. Top speed is 110 mph.

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