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What are the environmental problems?

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The environment is the set of elements that surround the life of the living being that is controlled by both physical, chemical and biological interactions, as well as by exchanges between components of the environment in a specific living space.  The environment for humans has elements (biotic and abiotic) and consists mainly of: air, water, atmosphere, earth (soil), plants and animals…   However, the development of human life on the planet has always been a source of destruction for nature and the degradation of the environment. The development of human life focuses on the raw material, the resources and the riches found or harvested from the soil of our environment, Trend economic and social development has caused serious environmental problems and has an impact on its pursuit. As a result, many of our resources are depleted and our environment has changed.

In this context, several problems are linked: Climate change, pollution, global warming, deforestation, the destruction of the ozone layer, and many other more serious problems are today the main consequence of the destruction and degradation of our environment

what are the causes of major environmental problems?

   The history of environmental degradation is linked to the Economic Explosion and has taken on a scale following air pollution in London, caused by the burning of coal in industries in the late 1952s and which was the cause of a major increase in mortality. Since then scientists have studied and multiplied their forces in order to explain the link between the environment and development and to find a solution to environmental problems so that we are aware of the extent of environmental degradation and change and its effect on health, quality of life, economy, and society.

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1/ Pollution and its impact on the environment:
definition of pollution: It represents all the phenomena that affect our environment it attacks the air-water the soil as well as our health. It is particularly related to human activity and represents the central problem that disrupts the balance of the environmental system.
a/air pollution (air): represents the type of pollution that is most harmful and dangerous to the environment and the health of living things, greenhouse gases are the main source of air pollution responsible for climate change and global warming, causing several health problems such as skin diseases. b/soil pollution: it is rarely addressed by people because it is the least visible on the planet, while its effect is more destructive because it results from chemical activities and the mismanagement of waste from artificial products that are harmful to health. c/water pollution: it comes mainly from industrial waste and from the discharge of oil or fuel from ships into the seas, it is responsible for the problems related to the extinction of species and biodiversity in marine environments in general.The consequences of pollution on the environment:

  1. -climate change (climate warming).
  2. -depletion of natural resources.
  3. -risks of disease and rapid virus contamination
  4. -biodiversity disorders
  5. -the disappearance of rare species (animals and plants)
  6. desertification
  7. -threats to environmental resources.

Madagascar, for example, is currently an increasingly serious threat to human health, especially children, respiratory diseases harmful to children’s health now cause 60% of the main mortality problems


Wood is an essential material in the global economy and an indispensable element for humans to face another problem as serious as pollution and much more dangerous. the terrible use of wood linked to industry and described as a necessary activity for economic and urban development; by the policy of some countries is today one of the major and major environmental problems of the century and manifests itself as a major crisis among the problems of concern to scientists.

causes and consequences of deforestation on our environment

It refers to the loss of forest areas or the depletion of forests, it is caused by both human and other natural activities:

  • – forest fires, diseases affecting trees or parasites.
  • -Agriculture (commercial or industrial)-Construction of infrastructure (roads, dams)
  • -Mining activities.
  • -global warming is caused by pollution as well.

To understand the impact and magnitude of this crisis, we must mention the main consequences responsible for the degradation of our environment:- our world is undergoing a terrible change that affects every living being, a large part of our planet is represented by the nature that surrounds us, forests making both a habitat very dense in biodiversity and home to the majority of animal and plant species suffering; enormous economic development pressures that have emerged over the past hundreds of years and are growing day by day.

By destroying these natural environments, human activities threaten the existence of these species and this can have important consequences on natural balances, for example in Africa: the case of great apes such as silver gorillas is endangered caused of the progressive reduction of their natural habitat, linked to deforestation. Other problems caused by deforestation, which has a very strong impact on climate change, fewer trees, it’s less CO2 absorbed, and therefore more greenhouse effect.

 3/The ozone hole:

One of the other major problems affecting and threatening our environment is the disappearance of the ozone layer, often linked to global warming. The ozone layer is a mass of gases that act as a barrier to protect our planet from radiation and radiation harmful to our lives. Under the influence of human activity, this layer begins to disappear, the mass emission of greenhouse gases has led to an overconcentration of gases is therefore an imbalance; stratospheric, creating another environmental problem and threatening survival because scientists believe that according to the predictions of the World Meteorological Organization, Ozone depletion will occur by 2050.

What then are the major problems resulting from the destruction of the ozone layer on the environment?

– Multiple Human Health Consequences: Skin Cancer, and Respiratory Problems. -Effects on animals: skin diseases and reduction of stands. -Effects on plants: changes in flowering periods, growth, and reduction in crop production.

what are the appropriate solutions to environmental problems and degradation?

the only solution cited? it is therefore a question of morality and commitment: Reduce polluting activities and encourage organic production respect international environmental management, reduce waste and avoid depletion of resources, recycling and reprocessing of waste from industrial activities must be adopted by all countries.

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