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what does eco friendly mean?

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What does eco friendly mean ?  Eco-friendly products ‘ or ‘Green’ products do not literally mean the goodness or the well-being of the products. “Never judge a book from its cover” is the appropriate quote, that reflects the debatable case about the environment, how does eco-friendly company’s services actually are? regarding their marketing business. Meaning, despite the fact that these companies state ethical claims on their environmental-friendly disposals; still something suspicious, that common food additive are added to these products which contribute to minimal harm environmentally.

This means damaging its nutritional value for marketing benefits. In another term, a known product acrosses the broad market to the international; however it keeps flavor, taste, and fresh like never. This is the case of the common food we find in the supermarket, which is full of chemical preservatives, saturated fats, and added sugar. This means not all products that use ‘Eco-friendly, Green’ symbols or friendly slogans that are not harmful to the environment.  
Often the eco-friendly firm or desire among human beings is just for fashion. Preserving and protecting the environment. However, the environment does not rely on words as it lies on eco-practices, it relies on our daily eco-behaviors towards the earth and the environment. Mean, the state of being an Eco-friendly individual refers to an individual’s intent to ensure sustainability for the next generations, as well as the earth.

Even though, this eco-lifestyle could be really challengeable for many. Yet, every human may take the responsibility to maintain the remaining sources, paving the way to the upcoming children; this will definitely increase human existence on the planet in one way or another. To reach that goal, What are the misconceptions we have on non-harmful products?  the environment? What does eco friendly as a concept means? What are the environmental practices suggested to not harm the earth? as well what the are the harmful acts person does cause eco-crisis? how can we ensure sustainable development for the next generations?    

The Eco- Friendly perspective

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, the term “eco-friendly” is an adjectival meaning “not environmentally harmful” (1). In other terms, it means any conscious act that is born as a result of the ‘ecological awareness’ of an individual. You may wonder, what are the kind of acts that make our earth safe and environment healthier ? It’s every eco-act that can lead us to not harm the environment as much as possible, or do the least damage possible to it. Which means, that human mindset should follow certain environmantally practices to rise green consciousness among us. In order to reduce several climate issues. Is it easy to live eco friendly? How can we live on earth sustainably? how can human fix the different climate problems including climate change? 
Living eco friendly can be considered as one of the contestable problems humanity faces nowadays. Means, that being environmentally aware of the future of the earth and acting regarding to that is easy but at the same time challenging. Yet, if every individual starts to count his action and be ecologically anxious. The issue can be fixed just through reseting the parameters of our minds and changing them to eco- friendly mindset. The tips below are highly recommended to reset your mindset and think friendly environmentally.

Organic vs Chemical foam mattresses 

An example of small eco friendly decision we can make for better environment. Is the mattress, the mattresses we use…Yes we should be aware that the mattress we sleep on are safe and environmental, and that it does impact the environment as well. Similarly it can be really harmful for it. In another term, companies that use natural fabric materials, mean nothing chemical fertilizers and pesticides cotton for pillows or mattress are better than foam mattresses that contain toxic chemicals as: formaldehyde, benzene and naphthalene or other harmful which harm earth above all but eyes, throat, nose and skin according to Occupational Safety and Health Administration (2).  Therefore person should read the production source of the item before is bought whether it contains for green environment certifications or not. 

Reducing the amount of plastic used

Plastic can take the role of the principle enemy of pollution on our environment, essentially causes the death of several organisms like sea animals which effect our planet. For instance you can reduce your plastic footprint by looking for biodegradable alternatives to plastic bags, Styrofoam, or even SOS, tote bags and other non-compostable materials. Instead of using disposable utensils, opt for biodegradable ones. Buying second hand products will also lessen your impact on the environment. And make sure you recycle everything you can! We’re only just beginning to understand how far-reaching recycling truly is; each year it helps prevent more than 1 billion tons of greenhouse gases from entering Earth’s atmosphere—that’s equivalent to over 700 million cars taken off our roads and highways!

Using recycled and recyclable materials

Another green way to encourage friendly environment lifestyle is through recycling. Where you can avoid the waste of your sources really by investing them through recycling. Which means if you are in a  state of having extra needless stuff at home; but want to buy new home decoration at the same time. Just through recycling, you can fix that. By invest both money and energy with creative household crafts. As a result, you can literally recycle all the things you want to get rid off and make eco-friendly stuff that might be more environmentally sustainable better than buying new plastic products. For example, you might find an eco-friendly water bottle made from recycled materials instead of a traditional plastic water bottle that’s produced using fossil fuels. To learn more about how companies and manufacturers label themselves as eco-friendly, check out our green brand’s section for some guidance. You’ll also find helpful articles on sustainable living tips and more green living guides in our library.

Lowering energy consumption

Shedding the light on energy consumption at home, the easiest way to make your house eco-friendly is to reduce your energy consumption. By installing more efficient appliances and light bulbs. Means if you have an older home with single-pane windows, consider investing for the environment and double- or triple-paned window replacements, which can help you save money on heating and cooling costs as well as your house will be lighter. You might also want to invest in some energy-efficient appliances means modern refrigerators and washing machines use much less energy than their predecessors. Just don’t forget that not all products labeled energy star are actually efficient— which means look for EPA certification or independent third-party ratings before buying anything. Or even you have a house efficiently sunned, consider yourself lacky and invest the solar energy you are having…make earth safe on your own way.  

Wise and less, engines usage

The Eco- friendly mindset can be reflected also, through lowering your consumption of different engines thinking of earth’s atmosthere. The engines that have harmful gas emissions speaking about cars especially. Why to buy new car and one excists already. In addition to that, driving wisely is among the patters of living an eco friendly life, which means you can go by bicycle if your work is near from house. Or check your GPS and see if there is a traffic or not, so you can take tramway or train or any other public transportation this going to contribute in a way or another in generating green awarness. Other solution can be suggested if you are hanging out with your friends…hang out eco environmentally, like taking rideshares all together which will makes it more entertaining . However, if you need to buy new car, what will you choose? Electric cars Vs Fuel cars…it is preferable to choose electric car over fuel vehicles. As the former can have fuel-efficient and low greenhouse gas emissions which is much better. Other engines are included too, the CO2 emissions that comes from buildings that are commonly harmful to the environment. 

An Eco Friendly mindset

Sustainable products are as simple as great for both you and nature. Means, when we buy sustainable products, we’re not only making a friendly environmental decision and preserving earth, but also a good economical decision. A sustainable product is environmentally crafted from renewable resources and material, which means it can be easily replenished and won’t diminish or become scarce. Choosing an eco-friendly product also has positive implications for your health as they don’t contain toxic chemicals that affect human beings (especially children) negatively. For example, if you choose a wood cutting board to chop vegetables rather than plastic one with dyes that pollute our rivers and oceans, mean you’re not only helping save trees by buying a renewable resource; but also protecting your family from toxic chemicals that could potentially leak into your food while shopping!

Cutting down on meat consumption

In recent years, environmentalists have gotten particularly vocal about reducing meat consumption and its harmful impact on our planet. They argue that animal agriculture produces more greenhouse gas emissions than all transportation combined. And that human really consume a lot of meat. In America: 50 billion animals were raised for food in 2012. If you’re an eco-conscious eater, you might ask yourself how to cut down on your meat consumption without feeling like you’re missing out. You can still enjoy delicious meals even if you skip certain high-impact ingredients like meat and dairy products. The key is finding ways to replace these popular components with more eco-friendly alternatives. Here are five tried-and-true tips for going vegan or vegetarian when dining out at restaurants—without sacrificing flavor.

Expendig Non-GMO products 

Environment can be preserved as well. When you encourage and consume little more of local organic food which is much healthier. Eco friendly goods are not the imported ones with nice packaging that you prefer in taste but rather; are the goods which made hundred percent bio and organic in your local farms.GMO is a term that we can find on several imported goods especially food. GMO precisely refers to the abbreviation of Genetically Modified Organism. According to the Non-GMO project organization’ definition; GMO means every plant, animal or microorganism whose genetic makeup amanded in laboratory applying genetic engineering or transgenic technology (3) . This mean that these components are not environmentally grown. As several scientific studies refer to avoid all kind of GMOs drinks, canned, snacks food that you can find in the supermarket . Contribute in sustainability by heading to the closest farmer’s farm with its naturel green sources better than cool packaging industrial nourishment with zero benefits.

Switzerland’s environmantal policy: The model of eco- friendly land 

Switzerland’s eco friendly career is known for its environmentally important laws, that made it one of the best countries throughout the years dealing with environment strictly. This refers to the different environmental provisions done by its authorities; as well as by the pressure of the Non governmental organizations (4).Mean the swiss federal constitution is designed to guide and reward the friendly environmental acts but also to prohibit any harmful practice towards the environment according to Thomson Reuters’s overview of Swiss’ practical law (5). Switzerland has accomplished this friendly environment reputation. Due to its belief that eco friendly lifestyle can be reached with the combination of a designed social and economic processes held by the government. Moreover, the country have reduced harm to earth only through its beneficial acts in terms of protecting natural sources, for sustainable development. Mean by that, spatial planning and preservation of water, forests, nature, fishing and wildlife. 

To sup up, Eco friendly lifestyle is needed, as the so called ‘eco-anxiety’ is rising (6) . ‘Eco-anxiety’ is a word among latest buzzword Oxford dictionary has added to its ecological jargon (7) . Which means ‘the feeling of woory about threats to the environment. such as pollution and climate change’ (8) . Additionally, climate change crisis inflict; generating several psychological disorders to a great number of young people according to British daily newspaper The Guardian (6). Therefore, humans might truly see no harm in driving more gas vehicules, consuming more meat, adding more bulbs to their home. This means that common individuals with no green awareness; actually are not conscious of the mar or  harmful practices they are causing to the environment. Because if everyone set the so called eco friendly mindset it can be really efficient to change the whole planet. Mean by that you might not notice that but if everyone works on this it will be as the butterfly effect causing no sound but effect. Therefore, start worrying about future on earth and be first responsible for the eco-changes , doing the least they can do to preserve the remaining possibilty to live as Eco-friendly as possible. 

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