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Wind energy stumbles in Germany

wind turbines

The end of the energy transition 

Wind energy plays a crucial role in saving the climate, so starting next year, thousands of wind turbines will be turned into scrap. The number of turbines that will stop working and be recycled will be much greater than those that will be manufactured.

Sovereigns submit to the opponents

In Germany, politicians face a lot of opposition from opponents of wind energy, and this means that climate goals are not achieved in the future.

Why are Germany’s green energy projects faltering?

The effects of this decline are abundant in central Pavlia and many other municipalities, and among the reasons that contributed to this decline are the new conditions imposed by the German authorities on the owners of wind farms related to the 1,000-meter rule (wind farms must be away from residential areas by a diameter of a thousand meters) and so on. Repeated lawsuits by opponents of wind energy make the expansion of the wind energy field somewhat difficult and may hamper its development in the future.

Engineers face many problems, among which are those related to the environment and wildlife.Red goshawk is abundant in Germany, and this causes engineers to stop the rotation of wind turbines every time flocks of birds pass in front of the turbines to avoid colliding with the turbines, which leads to their death.


There is no contradiction between wind energy and the environment, and the two things can be reconciled together when appropriate places are chosen to place wind farms. The proportion of impacts caused by wind farms can also be minimized by installing surveillance cameras to monitor bird flocks and alarms to stop the rotation of wind turbines.


*President of the Environmental Protection Organization in Germany

So there is no exposure, as the opponents claim, for example, the number of red goshawks has increased since 1994 and this despite the increase in the number of wind farms and the great expansion in the use of wind energy in Germany, and popular conferences are still using the issue of birds as an argument and justification for their opposition and complaints issued against The use of wind turbines under the banner of wind turbines kill birds (image spread all over Germany.

Although there are thousands of turbines located only hundreds of meters from the population areas, and the neighboring residents do not find any problems with them except for some noise when strong winds blow, but the exhibitors create some fake effects.

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