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Wind-Turbines and Softwares

Main Softwares you need as you are a  wind-power engineer

  • Qblade
  • Ashes
  • WindSim
  • Simscape
  • Matlab-based Power System Toolboxes

There are many simulation programs used in the field of wind turbines, such as simulation programs for turbine blades design, Stress measurement software, force measurement software, and other software for aerodynamic simulations ….etc.
So The engineer needs more than one program to get the best possible design for such a wind Turbine and in this article, I have mentioned some program names which I know


For Aerodynamic modeling

AshesQblade is an excellent software for horizontal axis wind turbines (HAWT design), but also for vertical wind turbines (VAWT design).
The software is especially adequate for teaching, as it provides a ’hands-on’ design and simulation capabilities for HAWT and VAWT rotor design and shows all the fundamental relationship
and you can work with this simulator on Linux, Windows, and Mac 


For Modal analysis of the blades

ANSYS CFX is a high-performance fluid dynamics calculator (CFD) that provides reliable and accurate solutions quickly and vigorously across a wide range of CFDs


Aeroelastic tool for wind turbine simulation ASHES, a design and analysis software tool for simulating onshore and offshore wind turbines. This essential and sophisticated tool for wind turbine engineers offers a comprehensive user interface as well as provides a fully capable and optimized aeroelastic simulation core.

The software improves wind turbine simulation along two main axes. First, it increases the speed of simulation 100 times by seamlessly integrating cloud computing. Second, it improves the user experience, thereby increasing efficiency, decreasing the number of errors, and improving the quality of design.

supported operating systems: Windows



WindSim has been exploring the use of CFD technology to automate the positioning of wind turbines so that you can build more efficient wind farms.

Advanced simulations from WindSim deliver value for all types of terrain from the simplest to the roughest, maximizing energy production wherever your project can be. 
If you just want to know how to simulate with the app we suggest that you look at the “WindSim Introduction” video first. This introduction video is available in various languages on Youtube.


For  electrical simulation

EUROSTAG  is a program developed by Tractebel Engineering GDF SUEZ and RTE for precise and accurate simulation of the dynamics of power systems. used worldwide by transmission system operators and generation firms, but also by consulting companies, for studies, analysis, design, and operational optimization.

EUROSTAG is now delivered with an Application Programming Interface (API) allowing the integration of the power of EUROSTAG dynamic simulation engine into an external process. With this API, the simulation can be controlled from an external program or script.


SimScapeSimscape Electrical provides component libraries for modeling and simulating electronic, mechatronic, and electrical power systems. It includes models of semiconductors, motors, and components for applications such as electromechanical actuation, smart grids, and renewable energy systems. You can use these components to evaluate analog circuit architectures, develop mechatronic systems with electric drives, and analyze the generation, conversion, transmission, and consumption of electrical power at the grid level.

PSAT: Power System Analysis Toolbox.

PSAT can perform several power system analysis :

  • Continuation Power Flow (CPF).
  • Optimal Power Flow (OPF).
  • Small Signal Stability Analysis (SSSA).
  • Time Domain simulations 

Some usages  of PSAT 
The study is ideal for teaching and for explaining basic power system analysis and control concepts.

Other Matlab-based Power System Toolboxes

  • PSAT: Power System Analysis Toolbox 
  • PST: Power system Toolbox 
  • Mat Power.
  • VST: Voltage System Toolbox.
  • PAT: Power Analysis Toolbox.
  • EST: Educational Simulation Toolbox

Commercial Softwares vers Open Source Softwares 

Commercial Softwares 

  • Are Closed and (Don t allow the user to change in the code source in order to add new algorithms )
  • Typically Well-tested and computationally efficient.
  • despite their completeness theses software can result in cumbersome for educational  and research purpose 

Open Source Softwares

  • for research purposes, the flexibility and the ability of easy prototyping are often more crucial aspects than computational efficiency
  • There many open-source research  tools 

Control and data acquisition systems

SCADA is an acronym for (control and data acquisition system), a term that describes the basic functions of a SCADA system. Companies use SCADA systems to control equipment at all their sites, but also to collect and record data about their operations.

With SCADA systems, organizations can control their industrial processes either on-site or remotely, and interact directly with equipment, such as motors, pumps, and sensors, at all levels, from a central location. These systems can sometimes automatically control equipment based on the data received.

Wind Turbine Power Calculator

Power calculatorSimple Calculator to calculate the power of a wind turbine online.

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