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What Are the Solutions to the 4 Types of Pollution?

The planet faces a variety of troubling problems that arise from human contamination. Many of them cause problems environmental factors that cause long-term damage to the earth’s ecosystem. Environmental Pollution consists of five basic types of pollution, namely: air, water, soil, noise, and light. #1.Air Pollution Air pollution is by far the most harmful form…

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A New Type of green Building made by the UNEP

Preserving the environment has become an important matter that we must all take into considerationThis importance lies in the fact that the climate is greatly deteriorating due to global warming as a result of the excessive exploitation of energy sources polluting the environment that contribute to the emission of large quantities of carbon dioxide, which…

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How will be The Global warming of 2021

What is global warming? Global warming is a phenomenon characterized by an increase in the average level of temperature on the Earth’s surface. What is the cause of global warming? The greenhouse effect is the main cause of global warming. Originally, it is a natural phenomenon that contributes to maintaining the average level of temperature….

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The Degradation of the environment & collapse of societies in 2021

The degradation of the environment can be the main cause of major crises in a society, even its complete collapse. This is the stark reality that we learn from the history of past and present civilizations. It also teaches us that environmental management has always been a particularly complex problem. Collapse for ecological reasons is…

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#1.What it is groundwater ? Groundwater is all water that falls below the surface of the earth, in line with the designation corresponding to that located on the surface Ground water, called surface water, is found in the pores of sedimentary rocks that were formed during Different times and eras, be very recent or very…

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CONFINED SPACES; DEFINITION  & RELATED RISKS   #1-WHAT IS A CONFINED SPACE?   Confined spaces are generally cramped occasional workspaces, used only for repair, maintenance, control of installations and equipment, totally or partially closed, with restricted means of access. An environment is considered as confined spaces any enclosure whose natural ventilation is deficient, in which one enters…