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How will be The Global warming of 2021

What is global warming? Global warming is a phenomenon characterized by an increase in the average level of temperature on the Earth’s surface. What is the cause of global warming? The greenhouse effect is the main cause of global warming. Originally, it is a natural phenomenon that contributes to maintaining the average level of temperature….

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The Degradation of the environment & collapse of societies in 2021

The degradation of the environment can be the main cause of major crises in a society, even its complete collapse. This is the stark reality that we learn from the history of past and present civilizations. It also teaches us that environmental management has always been a particularly complex problem. Collapse for ecological reasons is…


5 Things about electricity

How is electricity made? To produce electricity, energy must undergo a series of transformations before being transported and distributed in our homes. There are several sources of energy. Certain renewable energies have been known for a very long time, such as solar and wind. Other, more recent energies such as marine energy or the thermodynamic…