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Renewable energy and non-renewable energy what are the differences?

In today’s article, we’ll talk about the difference between renewable energy and non-renewable energy. The announced fight against global warming due to greenhouse gas (CO2) emissions and energy, is becoming one of the major challenges of our modern society. To meet this challenge, the ecological and energy transition must enable the transformation of our practices…


Bacteria as a future source of renewable energy?

Introduction Today, there is no industrial life nor normal life without energy, the use of energy is therefore one of the clearest indicators of the degree of development of a country. The most industrialized nations that are the largest consumers of electricity continue to rely on energy as a driver of growth and economic development….


Solar energy in Algeria :Construction of New Solar farm

Constitution of the farmThe Ghardaïa(Algeria) solar farm presents an experimental platform for the development of renewable energies in southern Algeria.The proposed solar farm essentially contains five types of renewable energy. A thermodynamic solar tower with heliostats for the production of steam and electricity. A mini thermodynamic power plant with parabolic cylindrical concentrators and Fresnel mirrors….

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Big solar energy projects in 2020

Solar energy is one of the most important sources from which electricity is produced today. Therefore, every day, small and large solar energy projects for solar energy are established in various parts of the world, and this is due to the energy transformation and people’s interest in this clean source of energy sources.In this article,…


History of solar energy

PV energy History  Solar energy has been used in various ways since the 7th century BC, when the rays were greatest Solar and used to create fire; And in the third century BC, the Greeks and Romans used it As scouts for religious purposes. While in burning mirrors, “” mirrors are burning Reflective properties of the metal…


Windmills from 1180 to 2020

#1.History of windmills The history of the operation of the first windmill dates back to the first century, where Heron describes it at this time as the first machine used in power generation in history, and the vertical axis of the mills was used for the first time in Sistan (East  Persia, Iran now) in the…


Electric boats

Solar-powered ocean boat by Azura Marine Singapore-based Azura Marine has unveiled a $ 500,000 electric boat capable of completing “non-stop solar-powered cruises only”.The boat (catamaran yacht, the Aquanima 40 series), It was unveiled earlier this month in Bali, Indonesia.It is a unique design consisting of 4 compartments, and the boat can accommodate 8 guests for…


Solar Panels

Trina Solar  Trina Solar announced that the production of its new card (Vertex) has reached 515.8 watts, according to recent tests.Trina Solar launched its new panels at the end of February and started production on March 18, 2020.The panels are certified in accordance with IEC 61215 performance standards and IEC 61730 safety standards by IEC.These…


Wind Energy

What is wind energy ? Wind energy is used as an alternative source of electric power, as an alternative to fossil fuelsOil and natural gas, as these sources are harmful to the environment, as they generate toxic gasesBurning, as it is characterized by the lack of availability in all regions of the world in addition…