Floods in Europe Climate change is the problem (that s easy)

floods in europe climate change is

Floods in Europe climate change are two issues that are closely related to each other. All the disasters that are happening today are the consequences of the terrible change that is taking place on the planet.

What describe floods ?

As we know the storm is an atmospheric phenomenon associated with a rapid movement of winds, which usually carry with it either rain, snow, or sand. The storms vary in size and duration that the violent ones are less happening but if it does happen, it often affects the entire continent.

For flood is the accumulation or gathering of a large amount of water that submerges the land, meaning: “flowing water”, it can also apply to the flow of the tides. Flooding often comes from heavy rainfall and may result from an increase in the volume of water in a stream, such as a river or a lake.

The rapid movement of the wind when a storm happens brings rain. Which causes flooding due to heavy rains. Thus, storms cause flooding…

In the past few days, the European continent has experienced a storm called “Burnet” that caused violent floods in the height of summer. Many are still missing in the massive floods that swept through Western Europe. It affected Germany and Belgium in particular and in other europeiene countries. Streets and houses underwater wrecked and overturned cars, and trees uprooted from the ground washed away by torrents. 

The words cannot describe the tragic situation left by the disaster. The rainfall has reached record levels that the country has not seen for decades. German emergency teams were still searching for hundreds of missing people on Friday after the worst floods that killed dozens so far and are likely to rise with hundreds more still missing in the worst-hit states of North Rhine-Westphalia and Rhineland-Palatinate. About 1,000 soldiers went out to assist in rescue and rubble removal operations in the affected towns and villages. Summer in Germany usually sees rain as well, but recording precipitation reached record levels and caused massive floods and losses of this magnitude, raising the question of whether the current situation is “normal”. 

In Belgium, it led to the death of at least 31 people and the loss of dozens. The water is gradually receding from the flooded areas starting last Friday. The hydrologists warned the German authorities of these floods four days before the start of heavy rain. 

The German Meteorological Service confirmed that everyone acted according to the established instructions. They said: “The municipalities were warned, but unfortunately they did not communicate this information to the people. Despite the announcement of the most serious state of preparedness in some areas in advance, the media did not publish this information among the residents”. 

Is the Consequences of climate change appears today in Europe ?

The environmental and climate experts explain that climate change is increasing the frequency and intensity of floods caused by heavy rainfall, so the main cause of this disaster is climate change. Climate change has become an existential threat to humanity. Experts say the global temperature has increased by an average of 1.2 degrees Celsius since the beginning of the industrial era.

Climate change is any significant and long-term change in the average weather that occurs in a particular area. This change is caused by human activity raising the levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, which is trapping more heat. they are gases found in the atmosphere of the planet and are distinguished by their ability to absorb the infrared radiation emitted by the earth and keep it and raise the air temperature. Thus, it reduces the heat loss from the Earth to space, which makes it contribute to heating the Earth’s atmosphere, and thus to the phenomenon of global warming and global warming. The effects of global warming include changes in ambient temperature and precipitation patterns. Temperature is involved in increasing evaporation. What “Burnt” created was due to changes in precipitation and flooding of rivers already causing drainage retention.

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Climate change is causing an increase in extreme weather events such as heatwaves, droughts, floods, and hurricanes. Like that, the number of hurricanes and the strength and continuity of tropical storms has increased than before. Therefore, the world must work to reduce global warming. So many individual practices can be taken to contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and thus reducing global warming like waste recycling, use energy-efficient products, encourage others to conserve energy, reducing the use of vehicles…etc.

Thunderstorms in Arizona is a second proof

Do you think the climate situation will worsen in the future due to the factors affecting it?

In my opinion yes, it is very possible. As long as the world did not take into account the environmental fluctuations that occurred recently and did not offer any solutions for reducing it

With the current floods, the affected countries must prepare a security protocol to combat such natural disasters as long as we expect them to occur in the future to avoid the losses that is facing these days and we must not ignore the causes of its occurrence.

Protecting Our Planet Starts with You

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