How much a Home wind turbine cost

home wind turbine cost

How much a home wind turbine cost 

Home wind turbines provide electricity. however, they are not suitable for every place. There are many factors one must consider when choosing a  turbine system. Even a small one requires an amount of space for installation and sufficient wind for the wind turbine to function. What matters?

Purchase guide

It is essential, before any purchase, to always ask for a quote and to contact to recognized and trusted professionals. A domestic wind turbine can to be bought in stores or on the Internet(amazon & aliexpress) .But to benefit from aid and subsidies, the provision equipment and its installation must be carried out by a professional.

To choose the right wind turbine, each should be studied of the mentioned characteristics on the description. Certain elements may indicate that the dealer does not deserve your trust, and thus encourage you to spend your path.

For example, a power indicated in W / products per 24 h and not in W / h must make you doubt the honesty of this professional. Moreover, it should be noted that the mere mention of the [W] is not enough. This must be accompanied by a wind speed; most of the time, the energy is given corresponds to a wind of 40 km / h.

The Price

The price of small wind turbines varies depending on the capacity of the wind turbine, its quality and quality. Therefore, the larger the capacity of the wind turbine, the higher its price. In addition, whenever the wind turbine is made by a company with high quality products, you will find that its price is higher than the turbines in the market or homemade turbines.

By shopping on Amazon and eBay sites, you will find the prices of turbines ranging from approximately 40 to 1000 dollars, depending on the capacity and quality of the turbine.

In any case, I prefer the American quality because American companies have a great interest in the field of wind turbines and offer great products.
So, in short, the factors affecting the price of the turbine are:
Quality, capacity, minimum wind speed that it can work on, turbine hardness, maintenance possibility…etc.

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The price of the turbine is not the only factor affecting the cost of the project, but the price of the other components like the inverter , wires and batteries (if you want a system isolated from the network) play an important role in increasing the cost of the project, especially if you are looking on components with good brands and you want a continuity in the work of the system and avoiding losses and a major failure i recommend the acquisition of high quality brands.

Total costs

The price of a wind energy system for individuals can vary greatly, not only depending on the model, but also the installer. It is therefore very difficult to give an indicative price.

However, once the domestic turbine is provided and put in by an expert for everyday use,
costs area unit calculable to fluctuate between 29637.63 and $47420.20.

More advanced models for businesses and other operations agricultural and intended to resell electricity can reach, as for them, the $ 106695.45. In self-construction, the prices are much lower, but the wind turbine does not open then not entitled to aid. A self-constructed a wind turbine costs between 1778.26 and $ 3556.50 That s in general of course.

In America ,and According to the clean power Association (AWEA), wind turbines price between $3,000 to $5,000 for each power unit of power capability. most householders employing a turbine as their primary supply of electricity install between five to fifteen power unit of wind generation capability, that means they’ll expect to pay between $15,000 and $75,000 for his or her small wind energy project. These numbers don’t embrace any federal or state incentives.[1]

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Grid connecting and repurchase of electricity

Grid Connection and repurchase of electricity

There are two options available If you opt for connection to the Grid and repurchase your electricity:

  1. Resale of the entire production(chosen by individuals) :Because the primary purpose of building a domestic wind turbine is to produce its electricity in a clean and autonomous way.
  2. Resale only the surplus. In this case ,the wind turbine is connected inside the house, with a consumption meter which is coupled to the low voltage Grid outside and to a second counter, called production, so that the surplus is recorded and re-injected.

The negative points of connection to the Grid

In reality, things are much more complex and much less profitable for individuals. In fact, only wind turbines meeting certain conditions, located in a wind development zone and having signed a buyback contract with a supplier resell their surplus. So you have to sign a contract to sell your electricity.

Another negative point is that the feed-in price for electricity produced by a wind turbine is the lowest of all renewables in Europe. I don’t know if it is the same in America. It is currently 0.097$ / kWh from the first to the tenth year, and from 0.033 $ to 0.097$ / kWh from the tenth to the fifteenth year.

Finally, the numerous procedures with the electricity supplier. are long and tedious: it takes at least 4 months. The cost of connecting to the network is also high: between 1187.5 and 3,000 $ depending on the area. Faced with all these drawbacks, it is therefore better to do your calculations carefully
to be sure that a connection will be profitable.

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