New inventions at the time of COVID-19

new solar cell type

New Solar Cells 

Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, global competition continues to reach higher solar efficiency and last month at least three records broke the efficiency of solar panels.

Hexagonal solar cells with an efficiency of 47.1%

The first invention was by scientists at the American Renewable Energy Laboratory NREL, which has developed hexagonal solar cells with an unprecedented ability to convert energy. These cells convert the condensed light into electricity with an efficiency of 47.1%, which is the highest in the world under concentrated lighting conditions. This record exceeded the previous competitor two years ago, by 1%.
After the team tested another version of its hexagonal cell, without focusing light, and achieved unprecedented efficiency, at 39.2%. This means being able to convert more of the sun’s energy into electricity. Each of the six-cell connections, specializing in capturing a specific range of light, from the solar spectrum. When combined, the device contains 140 layers of a light-absorbing material, even though its thickness is three times thinner than a human hair.

A new type of tandem cell made of stacked silicon

The invention related to the tandem cell,  discovered by engineers from the German Research Center Helmholens, on the development of a device with a thickness not exceeding a few micrometers, and combining two different semiconductors; one for the visible parts of the light spectrum, the other for infrared. 

The German Helmholtz-Gemeinschaft Deutscher Forschungszentren Center, or HGF, is a German organization in support and funding of scientific research. Among its centers in the Helmholtz Berlin Center for Materials and Energy HZB

Engineers have created a new type of tandem cell made of stacked silicon and perovskite, with proven efficiency of 16.16%. “This combination is lightweight, too, stable against radiation exposure, and may become suitable for applications in satellite technology in space.”


How Scientists Achieved 39.7% Efficiency [2020]

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