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Popular Simulators for solar systems

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Best Solar Simulation and Design Softwares

Simulation modeling has become an important part of our world and is often used to forecast different energy situations and to determine the cost-effectiveness of a particular solution. Simulation is also widely used to optimize new technologies and to investigate their behavior in different contexts and configurations.

Open-source solar design software


PVsyst is a very useful educational tool for designers, engineers, and researchers to use. This provides a comprehensive descriptive support menu describing the processes and models used and offering a user-friendly approach with a project development guide. 

PVsyst can import meteo information from a variety of sources as well as personal data.


What’s the TRNSYS?
TRNSYS (pronounced’ tran-sis’) is a highly flexible graphically based software environment used to simulate the behavior of transient systems. While the vast majority of simulations are focused on assessing the performance of thermal and electrical energy systems, TRNSYS can also be used to model other dynamic systems such as traffic flow or biological processes.


ESP-r is an integrated modeling tool for the simulation of the thermal, visual, and acoustic performance of buildings and the assessment of energy use and gas emissions associated with environmental control systems and building materials. In undertaking its evaluation, the device shall be configured for the simulation of temperature, wind, humidity, and electrical currents at user-defined resolutions.



The System Advisor Model (SAM) is a free techno-economic technology model that promotes decision-making for people in the renewable energy industry:

  • project managers and engineers
  • Policy analysts
  • Software designers

 SAM researchers can framework several forms of renewable energy systems:

  • photovoltaic systems, from small residential rooftops to large utility-scale lithium battery storage systems

PVWatts measures the electricity generation and energy costs of photovoltaic ( PV) grid-connected energy systems worldwide. This helps homeowners, small-scale building owners, installers, and manufacturers to quickly create output estimates for future PV plants.

Based on assumptions, uncertainty, and incomplete details about your specific PV system and venue, the estimated results from PVWatts are an approximation of what you would actually encounter. The new knowledge of internal variability offers ranges for possible energy generation in various years, which would be useful in determining whether to install a PV system.

Other Softwares

  • PVSol Premium.
  • Helioscope.
  • Homer.

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