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The problem with Chinese solar panels is the lack of information and traceability. It is certain that some Chinese panels are made under deplorable social and environmental conditions. Sometimes it is also counterfeit. Other Chinese solar panels are quite reliable.

Their main advantage is of course their cost, up to 2 or 3 times lower than that of German panels for example. German photovoltaic panels are relatively expensive but constitute a guarantee of reliability and longevity.

Conversely, Chinese signs represent risk and the unknown: the origin of the parts? assembly conditions? respect for the environment and working conditions?

#1. Forged solar panels or poor quality ones come as follows


  • There is no Barcode or Serial number, and this means that the board has no record in the manufacturing company, meaning the company does not recognize the panel except through this number, and its absence means that the company has no relationship with the panel
  • There is no name for the manufacturer

There are no quality certificates on the board, knowing that companies show off certificates and pay huge sums in exchange for them, and here I am talking about product certificates, not the manufacturer.


  • The presence of the merchant’s name on the panel
  • There are glaring spelling errors in the painting
  • There are technical errors in the board
  • The manufacturer’s website does not exist
  • There is no guarantee on the panel, and here we are talking about the guarantee of capacity specifically.
  • No Datasheet
  • Existence of a fictitious or false company name
  • Writing phrases on the panel, for example, this panel is dedicated, for example, to the climate of Syria or Egypt
  • The presence of barcodes, Cyrillic numbers, and quality certificates, but they are forged, meaning that they are not real, so the certificates must be checked in this case.
  • Cheating in the materials included in the composition of the panel and this is difficult to detect

With the knowledge, and for things to be clear, there is a global standard for the information that is mentioned on the board, and I do not speak from my imagination

Of course, the methods of cheating merchants cannot come to the devil’s mind. I will mention one of them, for example, the agreement with (workshops). Not the companies in China pay attention to certain specifications, but in reality, the boards are less than that in order to obtain a lower price


A final word: Buy a panel from a well-known company that has a name in the solar panel market and wind your head if you are a regular customer, but if you are an engineer, you should read, read, read, then read

Read this article in French about this cheated customer, in order to benefit from his experience.

Forum on photovoltaic/solar electricity production installations.

#2.How to choose the best flexible solar panels in 5 steps

1. EFFICIENCY: what is the efficiency of a flexible solar panel, and how to select the highest quality 

2. TEMPERATURE: what effect does temperature have on the performance and safety of flexible solar panels, and how do you know which panel is the best
3. WEIGHT: what is the weight reduction when choosing for flexible solar panels, and what to look out for
4. PRICE: how can you compare the prices for flexible panels, and which numbers are useful to compare
5. DURABILITY: what kind of life can you expect of flexible panels, which materials are superior, and how do warranties cover this type of panel

How much do solar panels cost in the U.S. in 2020?

The price of  solar panels in the U.S depending on some factors such as : 

  • manufacturer brand
  • solar panel size
  • location(state)

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