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The First Arab made Wind Wurbine

Wind Energy in the Middle East

The wind is an important source for generating clean energy, and although most Arab countries in the Middle East do not have strong wind speeds, they depend mainly on solar energy because most of this region has high solar radiation during the year, but some countries, such as Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Egypt, and Syria started to use wind energy to produce electricity in addition to solar energy.

Syria made its first wind turbine WD2.5-2.5MW in 2019, from the design and manufacturing to erection in order to generate electricity for Homs citizens.

The whole manufacturing and erection process was done by WDRVM.

WDRM is the only provider in Mena who is specialized in manufacturing wind turbines in the middle east.

This Wind Turbine has the ability to produce electricity of 2.500 KW/hr – 2.5 MW/hr but it is not the first of its kind in terms of installation, as Saudi Arabia launched the first wind turbine to generate energy in its efforts to use renewable energy.

The pilot project for generating electric energy from wind energy that was implemented at the Saudi Aramco facility in Tarif came with an electricity capacity of two separators seventy-five megawatts (75 MW) sufficient to supply two hundred and fifty (250) homes with electricity instead of consuming the equivalent of nineteen thousand (19000) barrels of oil annually to generate the same amount of electricity thus reducing the pressure on the national electricity grid.

The project was launched in partnership with the giant American General Electric Company, Aramco is leading the Kingdom’s efforts to generate 9,5 GW of renewable energy by 2030 under the Kingdom’s economic reform plan, and government estimates indicate that it is expected to exceed Saudi energy demand 120 GW by 2030.

Currently, all of the Kingdom’s energy needs are generated using crude or refined oil or natural gas.

Characteristics of WD2.5-103TM

  • The WD2.5-103TM designed for low, medium, and high wind speeds, with the ability of 25 years of operating and low maintenance.
  • ٌRated Power:2500 kilowatts per hour
  • Type: an onshore wind turbine 
  • Frequency: 50/60 Hz 
  • Tower Height 80 meters Hub height
  • Blade length 50 meters
  • Rotor Diameter of 102 meters
  • Swept area 8,330 m2
What Syria has done is considered an honorable step, and we hope that this achievement will motivate other Arab countries and the rest of the Countries in the path of development to turn toward clean energies.

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