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The shipping date of solar batteries



#1 Energy Storage History 

In 1600, when William Gilbert, an English physicist, made an extensive study of electricity and magnetism, separating static electricity from the lodestone effect, electricity was transformed from an abstract curiosity into thorough research.

Although Alexandra Volta subsequently invented the first voltaic electrochemical battery pile in 1800, this was not until the J.F. Daniell invented the Daniell Cell in 1836, that electrical energy was first used as a power source. Source: Energy Storage: A Brief History Paving The Way Ahead


#2 What is a solar Battery 

A solar battery is simply a battery charged with energy from solar panels. There are lots of types – tiny to utility-scale. If you’re looking for smaller solar power solutions, for more information on solar batteries and other products check out Let’s go Solar

3-Shipping date of a solar battery 

In this article, we will talk about an important matter related to solar batteries and the date of manufacture.
The date of manufacture is very important and is something that the buyer must know if the matter is related to the batteries. As for whether the matter is related to the solar panel or the inverter, it does not matter.

The solar battery, like other batteries, is affected by time, and here we mean the ampere in addition to the battery, affected by the subject of storage, which must have certain conditions such as temperature and many who face a problem when he buys the battery, he is surprised after a while that the battery is over And she was out of service.

The question then is, does the solar battery have a certain expiration date like other products such as food, and how long is the battery life?.
The answer, of course, is yes, the battery has an expiration date that must be taken into consideration before purchasing the battery and for a limited life.

You must know that the solar battery must have a production date of no more than a year, and the battery cannot be stored for more than The reason is chemical reactions that occur inside the solar battery even if it is in the storage period.
The problem with the battery is self-storage. When you buy a battery that has a large stored period, you find that it has completely discharged and is practically empty.

The expiry date will have expired, so you should pay attention to this matter, which is the date the battery was produced before you buy it.

One of the main reasons for battery damage is the expiration date (production date) and there are other reasons that we will talk about later.


4-How to know the date of manufacture of the battery? 

On the surface of each battery, there is a serial number written on it the date of production of the battery as shown in these pictures
                    Solar battery
But the way this date is written varies from company to company, meaning coding date varies from one battery to another.
 For example, Panasonic Corporation and Japanese companies obscure the following coding
The coding is in the form of the following symbol consisting of 6 numbers and letters
date codeYYMMDD + shift indication letter 
for example 200512َA
20: year-2020
05; month-May
12: Day – 12
A: name of the factory section  



One of the most famous and oldest American companies specialized in manufacturing solar batteries, and it is considered the best batteries in the world


The expiration date in this type of batteries and on American batteries, in general, can be determined by this way 

Shipping -date 
This code indicates the month and year when the battery was shipped out of the factory. 
LETTER stands for the month, A to L; (A=January, B=February, C=March, and so on); 
NUMBER is the last digit of the year.
  • A battery with “G5” on the negative.
  • G4” means that it was shipped around July of 2015.

Where can you find this code?

Trojan always puts the date on the negative electrode of the battery, above the electrode, not specifically on the top of the battery. So when you look at the negative electrode, you find the code written with a letter and a number as shown in the picture


Trojan battery

Varta batteries

For German Varta batteries, two numbers are written on the negative electrode, one from the top and the other from the bottom. The number from the top represents the week, as shown in the picture. The bottom represents the year.

So we now know that every company has a way to set the date of manufacture in a way of its own and therefore there is no fixed standard and if you know that then you must pay attention to the date of production when purchasing the battery to avoid buying an expired battery

#5 Types of solar batteries

The types of solar batteries differ in terms of specifications and components and in terms of operating systems and today we will show you the most prevalent and used types in terms of efficiency, quality, life span, and components.

1- Gel batteries

This type of battery is more prevalent and used due to its efficient performance and the quality of its design in terms of making the gel material is the main component between the battery slices instead of the acid and other types.
This type is preferred for those who have a lot of consumption.

2- AGM batteries

This type of battery is composed of lead strips and cotton fibers moistened with modified acid material. This type is characterized by its superior performance in terms of charging speed and discharge speed. This type is preferred for those who have a protection system or an operating system when the power is out or for those who have many uses and few operating periods

3-Tuples batteries

This type of battery is characterized by the amount of deep slow and slow charging life more than others as the battery consists of lead slices and an insulating material packed with cylinders or tubes that extend vertically from the top of the battery to the bottom of it to maintain a longer life of the battery and the material is insulated and the battery is packed with the modified acid between the slices Battery This type of battery is preferred for those who are economical and regular consumption due to its longer shelf life compared to other types of batteries.
type of solar batteries


#6 Most common solar battery companies 


#7 What Are the Best Batteries For Solar Systems in 2020?

According to wholesale solar  Here’s a list of our recommendations for the best batteries for solar in 2020:
For more pieces of information about:
  • How Do I Choose the Best Batteries For Solar?
  • What Are the Different Types Of Batteries?


Visit  wholessale solar   


#8 Top 5 Best Solar Battery For Solar System in 2020 | The Best Solar Batteries [2020]



Trojan Battery provides answers to commonly asked questions. 
For additional information on the battery, measurement, and maintenance visit this link.

#8 The number of amperes that can be drawn from the battery

Depending on the battery capacity, for example, if the battery of 12 V with a capacity of 100 amperes and the discharge time is 10 hours, then :
100A* 1h = 100Ah
10A* 10h = 100Ah
5A * 20h = 100Ah
20A* 10h = 200Ah
10A * 20h = 200Ah
5A* 40h = 200Ah
It is not recommended to fully draw the current inside the battery until it is completely discharged, which leads to a decrease in the battery life



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