How to import data on SAM

How to make your location on SAM

The System Advisor Model (SAM) is a free techno-economic software model that facilitates decision-making for people in the renewable energy industry:
  • Project managers and engineers
  • Policy analysts
  • Technology developers
  • Researchers

IF  you are not in the USA and you want to work on SAM you have to download a weather file of your city, in order to do that follow this guide:


First method


  1. with the cursor choose your location.
  2. the best format to use with SAM is the typical-year (TMY) in the EPW format.
  3. make the file in a folder .

Step 2

go to the program on the top left; location and Resource click on the button Add/remove  weather file folders


Second method

#Step 1

go to

#Step 2
choose the location
you can see the format of the  file you download is the typical-year (TMY)

Click on the button Add/remove  weather file folders
Click the button refresh  library



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