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What is Solar energy?

 Solar energy is a source of energy that depends on the sun. This energy makes it possible to produce electricity from photovoltaic panels or thermal solar power stations, thanks to the light of the sun collected by solar panels (electricity) or thanks to the temperature captured by thermal collectors (heat).

Solar energy is a clean source, emits no greenhouse gases and its raw material can be recycled, the sun although distant more than 150 million kilometers from us, is free, inexhaustible, and available everywhere in the world.

Four Simple First Steps To Reducing Your Waste

 Have you ever considered how much waste you throw in your trash can and where exactly it goes? 

Well, most of us have heard of landfills, but what we haven’t considered is the influence it has on our ecosystem and ourselves. The harsh reality is that these units are full of hazardous material that not only contaminates the environment but potentially affects our health as well. This is a result of methane emissions, one of the biggest contributors to climate change (EPA.gov).

Wind Energy: What is it?

Wind energy is certainly one of the cutting edges of technological breakthroughs that could lead to more efficient energy production. The future of wind energy appears promising, at a glance. That may be the case, but some disadvantages are also to be considered.

The Biggest Solar Energy Projects in Africa

Noor solar complex (CSP) 580 MW

do you know that the biggest CSP solar park in Africa and in the world is in Morocco? in the municipality of Ouarzazate in the Agadir district, Noor solar complex

Big PV Projects in the world 

Emirates Water and Electricity Company (EWEC) has announced that Noor Abu Dhabi, believed to be the largest solar panel project in the world, has started a business activity. 


The project designed with a total capacity of 1117 MW at the cost of Dhs 3.2 billion to enable Abu Dhabi to reduce the use of flammable gas in power age. 

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